Korres 2-pack Donkey Milk Cleansing Balm

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  • Disappointed , (mrsprante WA)

    I wanted to try this because I have eczema on my face and body, but was disappointed to find out very drying and it made me itch.

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  • Creamy , (jrine FL)

    Im in love with this soap, its so creamy and makes my skin feel so nice. I have a few bars of the other milk soap and Ive been using for years but this is my favorite now! I wish I would have bought more when they had such a great offer. Oh well maybe it will be back.

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  • great lather, (toypoodlemom PA)

    Good soap and lathers in no time.

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  • Best Ever, (123letsshop NV)

    Nice and big creamy bars. Leaves my skin so moisturized. No smell.

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  • Disappointed , (dave153 OH)

    While it lathers great and is creamy it dried my skin. After 3 or 4 days had dry patches and flaking skin. Disappointed looks better than it is.

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  • The best foaming sudsy bar, (colongirl VA)

    Love this bar. So much foam, the cleansing power is spectacular. Makes your skin soft.

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  • Stocking up, (Arana7 IN)

    THIS cleansing balm is what dreams are made of. I've repurchased these 3 times already because NO other shower gel, cleanser, etc., has left my skin as soft as a baby's bottom like this one does. On days when I don't have as much time to apply any serums or lotions after showering, this is just enough to feel my whole body moisturized and soft, no itching, no dry skin. I highly recommend this. I'm ordering several sets supposedly to give as gifts, but honestly, I might keep them all.

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  • Best, (lucy626 SC)

    This soap and lotion is the best, when finish showering you feel and look clean, I stand behind this soap, it works for me. Wish they made a body wash.

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  • Nice lather, smell so so, (LeahMEP OR)

    This soap lathers nicely, the smell is just so so. It does soften skin. I just washed my hands with it and they itched afterwards. Back it goes!

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  • Love this cleansing balm bar, (Pellis53 WA)

    I love this cleansing balm bar has a mild smell and has helped my dry skin. I love the way it rinses easily and I feel clean after showering. I use this on my face and can't say anything negative about it. If you haven't tried it I would recommend...oh my daughter has used it at my home and many times has asked me if I have an extra bar, so I purchased 2 and gave her one. Never want to be without it! One more thing it last a long time with 2 of us using it....

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  • after using the soap for a month, (booinpa PA)

    I husband told me to switch the soap. He was having an allergic reaction to it. I usually have Beekman and he loves that. Took a chance on this and never again.

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  • Great Cleansing Balm, (Poofyneeze MD)

    My husband loves this cleansing bar! He thinks it makes his skin feel soft and smooth. He uses it now for shaving instead of shaving cream. He thinks it works better and makes his face feel great!

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  • Very Silky, (SugarDaisy OH)

    This is the silkiest bar of soap I have ever used. Removes makeup very easily. However smells a bit like a retirement home and kindof burns my skin. Havent seen any aging improvement after about a month and I think this may be causing me to get a few zits on my face, not bad, but I wasnt getting them before. Considering the price I think its way too expensive to not live up to claims. Would NOT consider moisturising, my face SCREAMS for cream after I wash with this, but I dont hate it.

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  • Donkey Milk Cleansing Balm., (Belladonna921 DE)

    I have come to love this line. Very moisturizing and the lather is luxurious. It's lightly scented . The combo of this Balm and the body serums is perfect for Summertime! I love it!

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  • JME/MPLS, (joan772 MN)

    Smells good but too greasy for me.

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