Kitchen HQ Forget-Me-Not Electric Cooker

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  • Amazing , (ForgetitWeeone OK)

    This Forget Me Pot is everything advertised. Heats up quickly and then holds on warm well, saves space on cook stove. Recommend this product.

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  • Very handy, (Jamesnco SC)

    Love this pot. It heats up quick and the depth is just right. I bought two so I can cook two things at once.

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  • Kitchen HQ Electric cooker, (SIMS1 NJ)

    My wife is handicap and loves to cooks, but can't stand to long and this is perfect for her to sit and cook.

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  • Perfect Little Pots!, (33571 MI)

    Love these things purchased a red and black when they first aired. Just purchased the cream color today. Great for fast heating foods! 5 cup size us pefect. Great for on the go and tailgating or on patio. Plain to use along with 2 cup rice cooker on my work van. Great for field use. So many options for use. Non stick surface and handles dont get hot!

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  • LOVE THIS LITTLE POT!!!, (iamabrowneyedgir IL)

    I purchase this cooker for my husband and he LOVES it! It is great for cooking his Ramen Noodles. Heats up quick and does the job.

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  • Nice, (kitlin5 KS)

    Appearance and performance perfect. We this arrived it was nicely packaged and nothing broken. HSN is tops.

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  • Perfect cooker, (naenae266 CA)

    I love this little cooker which really cooks a good amount of food. I replaced my older Elite cooker with this one. It makes perfect rice and more. Clean up is real easy and have enjoyed even making scrambled eggs in it as well as heating up leftovers.

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  • Worth the money, (SusieQue67 TX)

    I bought this when I could no longer find Curtis Stone's little cooker on HSN. I literally wore it out! This has a couple of features that I really like, and they are: 1) if it gets too hot and food would possibly burn, it shuts off and 2) you can actually see that it is boiling. My electric hard boiled egg cooker also bit the dust, but I have this so no need to purchase another electric egg cooker. Really like this!

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  • LOVE THIS POT!, (mamsie3 FL)

    Great little pot. heats up very quickly. used it to make grits they came out great, no boil over. I used to heat leftovers, boil a few potatoes and to make oatmeal. It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but well worth it. I wish they made a larger size. I never leave reviews but felt I had to refute the other review of this pot. I highly recommend!

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  • Heats really quick, (m3monroe01 TX)

    Great looking, heats quickly just as it was presented. Tried cooking rice, burnt. Presentation said when the liquid was gone it would turn off. NOPE glad it is nonstick or I would have sent back. I will have to pay more attention when cooking pasta and rice. LOVE how quick it heats up water, soup, browns meat and heats up oil.Suggest this for anyone but have to watch, if it feels any moisture it keeps cooking.

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  • Only half heats ip, (jenniewren OH)

    My three complaints are that 1 only half of the pot heats up, 2 it does not shut off automatically once liquid is absorbed, and 3 everything sticks (even on low). I still use it to heat things up. Love the concept, I just wish it was actually as advertised.

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  • Sadly disappointed, (Tukiebird IL)

    I love the concept of this pot. It would have been perfect except it is using old teflon style nonstick which is not good. Why on earth would HSN not use new nonstick technology?

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  • Kitchen HQ Forget-Me-Not Electric Cooker, (readbeforbuying4 PA)

    i sent back the electric cooker, did not work wouldn`t shut off after reaching temp my a mess returned it ups service did not shut off at temp, did not work as i thought it would

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  • Does Not Turn Off, (jolardelli FL)

    Does Not Turn Off, the light stay on all the time, food sticks to the bottom.Very disappointed.

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  • Does Not Turn Off, (SMURKY NY)

    This looked appealing to me on the show, because they emphasize in the demonstration that it automatically turns off when the water is boiled, or when the rice or whatever you 're cooking absorbs the water. But it DOES NOT ! Also, I liked that it shows a pouring spout so that I would not have to worry about getting scalding water on my fingers. But the spout does NOT have an opening on the top of it, so it does not pour. And there's no light that goes on to tell you that it's working.

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