Kitchen HQ 10 oz. Hydro Bottle with Hydrogen Generator

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  • Hydro bottle , (mawpas CA)

    I purchased one and really liked it so I wanted a second one. The first one is great. The second one is defective their is a short in the charging plug so I sent it back. I wanted to replace it but I was told they are all sold out. When they come back in I will purchase another one.

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  • Great Concept, (RotoSteph CT)

    I love the idea behind these bottles, and they're cool to watch in motion, but I'm not sure that I've had any health benefits from using this. I feel the same, however, I am drinking more water because of the novelty of this product. Since it does get my kids and I to drink more water, it's a "win". I do wish it was bigger.

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  • I like it!, (sentringer CO)

    I am a gadget fanatic. Anything new and cool I need to have. So I got this. I'm not sure of the health benefits, yet, but I love it for the coolness factor. Only 4 stars because of this: why didn't you have the charger connection be one that most of us have? Now I need to carry around a different cable.

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  • Drinking water seems better, (BrendaC8 SC)

    Very easy to use. I recharged it once & it was very fast. Prepares the water quickly. Does not change the taste at all. I expect the health benefits to be long term so time will tell.

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