Kitchen HQ 10 oz. Hydro Bottle with Hydrogen Generator

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  • Fail, (bettylou100 MD)

    I purchased 2 of these bottles at $49.00, both of them cracked in the same place, I contacted the manufacturer who needed to see them to see if this was a defect. I would pay to ship to them, they would pay to return to me. This has been determined to be an impact crack but now if I want the bottles back I have to pay the return shipping! Now I have 2 worthless generators and no bottles. All done with HSN

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  • Quit working after 5 months, (jillmcm NC)

    Quit working. And what's worse is you have to call the company to hope to return it. Worse still is the company has voice mail customer "service" and they haven't returned my call.If I had known that their year warranty was a farce, I wouldn't have ever bought it.

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  • Too late for me to return, (chatnoir9 FL)

    Was anxious to try Hydrogen infused Water and was a great price point. However, all types and brands of bottled of water smelled and tasted like Chlorine. The light effect sure looks cool, and it was a fun way to drink more water. Too late to send back and looking for a PEM unit instead.

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  • Fell over and shattered! With in 30 days. , (cbarrbie GA)

    I used a few times. I was hoping it would cause me to drink more water. Lets just say, it encouraged me. While on the counter in the kitchen, it got bumped and shattered,

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  • Not worth it, (sandywich7263 NJ)

    Unlike what other reviewers have said, you can smell the difference in the water, and it also has a slight taste. Not a strong one but a definite taste. But the worst part is, it leaks like crazy from the bottom and I can't get it to stop! I threw the box out so I can not return it, and now I am stuck with a piece or junk.

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  • Poor, (Toby1210 NY)

    The first one I got wirked well for a week then stopped,returned for a replacement when i received didn't work at all returned never again

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  • NOT WORTH IT, (shop1010 FL)

    Only a ew months old and it will no longer charge. I use it once a day. Save your money!

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  • joke, (polly789 PA)

    not worth the money, sent back, to drink 8 glasses of water a day , you would have to charge it for hours every 2 1/2 days , pouring into a glass to drink you loose most of the HQ and it only held 8 oz of water, need to leave 1/2 inch from top. Not a bottle to drink 8 glasses a day. Polly 789

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  • Waste of money, (TXAGGIEGAL TX)

    Dont bother. Its a waste of money. Returned and haven even received credit for it

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  • Terrible product!!, (pattyn15 IL)

    Water smells like chlorine. Unfortunately I had to put 1 star to post this. HSN customer service was very nice to not charge me for the return since this is a defective item.

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  • Nice but very fragile!, (tara520 MN)

    I received the Hydro Bottle very promptly after ordering. It was nicely packaged and I started using it immediately. The water tasted good, very smooth. I kept it on my kitchen counter where I had easy access to it. Within the first week. I bumped it. It tipped over and shattered! Both the exterior glass and around the opening even though the cap was fastened. Such a complete shattering was a surprise for what was a pretty low impact fall. This product really needs a protector sleeve.

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