Kitchen HQ 10 oz. Hydro Bottle with Hydrogen Generator

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  • Good as it says, (mamamianm NM)

    Havent had it very long but seems to be doing exactly what I expected it to do. Water has a smooth finish to it and doesnot leave an after taste. Have recommended it to friends.

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  • Great little product!, (Wunderfle TX)

    Been drinking hydrogen water for years. Expensive countertop model at home, but wanted something portable. This is it! Charge lasts long, produces great water and better priced than models available online elsewhere. Very happy!

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  • Hydro bottle , (mawpas CA)

    I purchased one and really liked it so I wanted a second one. The first one is great. The second one is defective their is a short in the charging plug so I sent it back. I wanted to replace it but I was told they are all sold out. When they come back in I will purchase another one.

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  • Great Concept, (RotoSteph CT)

    I love the idea behind these bottles, and they're cool to watch in motion, but I'm not sure that I've had any health benefits from using this. I feel the same, however, I am drinking more water because of the novelty of this product. Since it does get my kids and I to drink more water, it's a "win". I do wish it was bigger.

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  • I like it!, (sentringer CO)

    I am a gadget fanatic. Anything new and cool I need to have. So I got this. I'm not sure of the health benefits, yet, but I love it for the coolness factor. Only 4 stars because of this: why didn't you have the charger connection be one that most of us have? Now I need to carry around a different cable.

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  • Drinking water seems better, (BrendaC8 SC)

    Very easy to use. I recharged it once & it was very fast. Prepares the water quickly. Does not change the taste at all. I expect the health benefits to be long term so time will tell.

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  • Not impressed, (Jrw12 TN)

    Once I received my HQ I immediatelyCharged it. I found out that you do not see as much activity during the generating process with filtered waterAs you do with plain tap water. I am still awaiting the effects of drinking water from this product.

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  • Health Product, (Anonymous MA)

    I have used this bottle to get myself to drink more water but I have a suggestion. I do not like that you have to unscrew the top in order to drink from it. I think there should be a build in spout to drink from

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  • I think the germ still stays in the water, (mimi7777 NY)

    I have used this for a while but I still am not convinced that this cleans the water thoroughly and that it kills the germs because they are still in the water

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  • Im confused, (netti50 KY)

    I purchased this bottle and returned it. It didnt appear as it was shown on the tv presentation. Mine didnt really do all the bubbling. I didnt really feel different. Then after some research, I felt that I wasnt sure what type of hydrogen this bottle was producing. There is good and bad. So I returned.

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  • Hard to Review, (bootsagain2 CA)

    Daily multiple uses for 3 weeks. Have not noticed any visible health benefits so far. I notice a slight metalic taste each time. The instructions say you can use plain carbonated water. If you fill the bottle more than 2/3 full, it will leak. Trying different kinds of water to be able to make a decision. Requested an exchange to eliminate the metallic taste.

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  • Hydrogen Generator Bottle, (NorthwestWI WI)

    I was excited about receiving this bottle after reading how many good properties it had for the human body. I did drink 3 bottles and thought the water was smooth as others say. The following week I was watching some YouTube videos regarding hydrogen generator bottles and found that 95% of the personal bottles made in the USA have other elements that come from the inner workings. These elements are Chlorine and Ozone. I wrote asking company if this is true of their bottle. No response as yet.

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  • Too soon to judge , (kehalona HI)

    I like this size for a single person since it must be consumed within an hour. Too soon to see any health benefits will keep for the 30 days and see what happens.

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  • Cool bottle but can't gauge results yet, (Chicago27 IL)

    Super cool to watch and it has gotten me to drink more water. Weird taste the first couple of times and now it just tastes like water. No notable health benefits yet but it has only been a couple of weeks. I am hopeful but at the very least it makes me excited to drink water.

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  • Looks bigger, (pokegirl AL)

    It looks bigger on TV. I have to make 2 servings to get through a meal. The glass is cheap and it leaks when on the base. Also the top is not flat so when you take it off the base you have to pour it in another glass. I will probably return.

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