Kitchen HQ 10 oz. Hydro Bottle with Hydrogen Generator

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  • No fuss, no muss, (Edward5 CA)

    No more trips to the grocery store to purchase cases of plastic bottled water. I've never trusted bottled water, no matter what name was on it. This product I can trust. Having read up on the science and fantastic attributes, I honestly feel that this is the very best item I have EVER purchased.

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  • merwat, (WATMER IL)

    Great. Finally got my husband to drink more water instead of soda

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  • I love it!!, (Imsaved55 NJ)

    I love the ease of use and the beauty of its slick design!

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  • Did I really need this? No, but I like it., (BarbFL FL)

    Although I have a larger Hydro pitcher I wanted one where it's smaller, so as I want to have a drink I don't have to set up the entire pitcher set. This 10 oz one is perfect if you just want one bottle of water.

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  • I bought this, (COOKWIE TX)

    Would appreciate a plastic/lexan BPA free bottle so I can take it to work. I work in a nursing home and glass is not permitted.I thought I was drinking enough water, but have discovered I am drinking even more water and feeling better overall, considering it's summer in TX.

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  • Great product , (VTUBZ5 GA)

    Does what it said. I have noticed a difference and I have more energy when I drink the water.

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  • Extremely Pleased , (Morningstar1111 CT)

    I am extremely pleased with this Hydro Bottle- water gives me energy and that means a lot to me as I have auto- immune diseases that really drain me. The water is smoother and just wonderful Highly recommend

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  • Great Product, (baxterins FL)

    This does exactly as promised. This water gives you energy also. Buying a second unit today for my office

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  • HTQ, (anitakno1957 CA)

    This is grate it works and it doesn't make cloreain like some cheep ones do .I even tested the water myself so I no it only makes hydrogen water. And it is so good for you .study's have shone .this to be so healthy for you there is no side effects no down side . I go my can let 3 of them .love love love this .product.

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  • Worth the investment , (JaxP TX)

    I love that I can take this bottle everywhere I go and can use just about any kind of bottled water.The water goes down so much smoother than just drinking regular bottled water.If I had the money, I would purchase one for all my family and friends.

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  • Fast & Fresh, (genel62 TX)

    The Hydro bottle is easy to use and the water has a fresh and clean taste.

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  • Slv2912, (Svogel WI)

    Does what is says Water taste great and its a great price

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  • worth the money, (laredo4107 TX)

    great dose the job but needs to be larger

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  • Good as it says, (mamamianm NM)

    Havent had it very long but seems to be doing exactly what I expected it to do. Water has a smooth finish to it and doesnot leave an after taste. Have recommended it to friends.

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  • Great little product!, (Wunderfle TX)

    Been drinking hydrogen water for years. Expensive countertop model at home, but wanted something portable. This is it! Charge lasts long, produces great water and better priced than models available online elsewhere. Very happy!

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