Kim Kimble™ Vapor Infusion Iron with Silk Argan Oil Shine Beauty Treatment

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  • This Flat Iron Rocks....., (Nemaw337 OH)

    Ive been a straightening nut, human hair, synthetic all types. I used the oil shine on my human hair wigs and it does what it do. The compartment for the oil was a bit of a challenge but all it really requires is patience. I highly recommend you at least try it.

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  • Happy with purchase, (TP36 OH)

    I am happy for the most part with this straightener. I have very thick coarse curly hair and it straightens it well. The only issue I have is that it doesn't seem to vapor all the time. Sometimes I hear the mist coming out and other times I don't. More so don't! I always check to make sure the oil chamber is filled and it always is. Other than that, pretty satisfied so far. Only used it twice so far though!!

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  • Worked like magic , (feefeebowers TX)

    This fat iron straightens good & worked wonders on my hair. Im use to paying $80-$100 at salons. I was able to achieve the same blowout/silk press myself.

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  • Could Be an A-1 product!, (PrettyRed58 GA)

    I love the idea of this oil infused iron. My 1st frown was with the placement of the oil infusion cartridge, which does not just snap in on 1st-2nd try. (2) there is no diagram which shows on/off way to turn the dial to use or not use oil. (3) the temps are placed between the irons in tiny hard to see numbers even with bifocals. (4) It should also be designed for shorter hair. However, it does some good curling...just Not user friendly!

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  • Breaks easily , (Mel0369 GA)

    I loved this when I purchased but by the time the argan oil was finished the little plastic reservoir had cracked. They know it won't last long apparently because there's a replacement included. Threw the old one away and put in a new one. Again within a month or so the reservoir had cracked and leaked. Now other little plastic pieces are cracking off. Here 3 mo later and too late to return, it's pretty useless with its intended purpose.

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  • Not satisfied, (ericag CA)

    Did not heat up, did not steam, even at the highest setting. I have coarse hair and this did not work....going back to my Sedu

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  • Concept good; product has flaws, (ShoppingRN1 SD)

    I loved it at first but then the oil container started to leak and would not fit in the unit (kept falling out). I replaced it with the 2nd one but that one was cracked so I am sending it to the company hoping they will provide a replacement. I really like how it made my hair look & feel. Ive only had it for 4 1/2 months.

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  • Great iron, (atyler AL)

    It makes my hair soft. It does not dry it out like other irons. And if you have kinky curly hair, dont worry, it gets hot if you need it. Doesnt leave a burnt smell on my hair either. But it with no hesitation.

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  • Love it but oil cakes up, (Tlo6 NY)

    Ive had this vapor straightener for almost a year. Love the way my frizzy, thinnish hair becomes smooth & shiny.....but now the openings for the vapor & oil are clogged and the oil is gooey & caked on the plates. So that goes on your hair! I spray with alcohol and clean with QTips but its a hassle. What to do? Buy again to last for a year or search for another brand? Do something HSN!

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  • worked well for a while , (paulakp OK)

    reservoir attached to flat iron stayed in place for a while but refuses now to click in place . i have to use duct tape to keep it attached to flat iron . apart from that , when it worked properly , i loved this flat iron

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  • not worth the price, (Cucarony AZ)

    This flat iron came with two Argan Oil reservoirs and both are broken - the small insert snaps off easily, and the tank just falls out, so it can't be used. I'm not beyond purchasing a replacement BUT the items isn't available anywhere. I write to the company directly - no answer, not even courtesy acknowledgment.The slide that holds the thank is totally cheap plastic and is probably the reason for the easy breakage - Don't waste your money on this one. Amazon has a comparable 1/3 the price

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  • OMG amazing , (Serenety CA)

    I am in love. I have always wanted my hair the way this flat iron leaves my hair. I have tried so many flat irons and even having my hair hot comb and I have never had it the way this one leaves it. I dont even need any product on my hair. I only do the regular shampoo and conditioner let it air dry then flat iron. It goes flat and silky in one pass. Amazing!!!!

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  • I did not like gave as gifts , (MaxedoutMiles23 MI)

    No comment.

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  • Love like, (crystalallend PA)

    It could be more steam like the video but it works on fine hair not thick course hair

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  • Not good for the price, (kendra16 AZ)

    I've had this steam iron for less than a year. Both oil holders have cracks in them and leak all over my hands and iron. It did a decent job straightening my black/mexican hair. But I still needed to go over it with a regular flat iron because it put out too much steam even on the lowest setting. So it was nice having the moisture put into my hair but I ended up just going back to my ION flat iron.

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