Keranique Intensive Overnight Hair Repair Serum

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  • Gentle and easy to apply., (annabell2 NY)

    Helps strengthen the hair from the scalp out. Nice to know it is working overnight.

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  • It Works!, (Sandy403 NY)

    I used this along with hair, skin and nail vitamins and finally have hair growing that frames my face. Its obviously not a quick fix but after having thinning hair from a thyroid condition I believe that this product with the vitamins helped me immensely. Even my hairdresser noticed and asked me what Im doing.

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  • it works, (sexygina PA)

    I was very skeptical about this are any product that claims they can grow hair but this product actually works you just have to give it time my hair around my edges are slowly growing back this is my 2nd bottle I've purchased

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  • Love Keranique in General, (barneyb4_ GA)

    This product makes my hair look and feel more healthy. Not as dry looking.

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  • Love Keranique, (gramcracker1111 IA)

    I have used this overnight serum for about three or four weeks now, usually every two or three days I will just massage some into the places where I'm trying to thicken. My only complaint with this was the plunger that comes with it -- I can only get it to fill about 1/4" so I have to keep dipping and dipping. I probably got a bad plunger but it wasn't enough to return for a replacement. I will probably reorder this when it is empty and see if that plunger will work better. All in all I think it is a pretty good product and it works with all the other Keranique that I already use.

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  • Intensive Overnight Hair Repair Serum, (Barbareeba CA)

    I have been using Keranique products for about one year now. This overnight serum is amazing. It has a wonderful smell and is thick when it goes on the scalp, so it does not run down my face. A small amount goes a long way.

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  • Rapid Repair for Hair, (lingualbynature CA)

    I've have tried a number of different products and hair care lines for my thinning hair. The Keranique Intensive Overnight Hair Repair Serum showed promising results for my hair right away, which I wasn't expecting. My understanding of how this product works is that the serum supplies nutrients to the hair follicles and nourishes the scalp, both of which promote healthy hair growth. I didn't see immediate changes in my hair growth which makes sense because it takes time for a product like this to work. I DID see rapid changes in the condition of my scalp. The skin of my scalp was plumper, softer and more moisturized and less dry. It only makes sense that these healthy scalp conditions would promote thicker and healthier hair growth. I'm excited to see the healthy changes in my hair!

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  • Nighttime Repair, (thelma10 CA)

    So wonderful to find a product that rebuilds my hair while I sleep. I had so many frizzy hairs and tried everything, but nothing worked...until I found this overnight serum. Now my hairs are looking so healthy and not sticking up. Thank you Keranique for giving me such a great product and results.

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  • Loving Keranique, (Basia88 CA)

    Recently besides other things I already have, I purchase Keranique Intensive Overnight Hair Repair Serum, and results are AMAZING. The next day when I touched my hair there were different, texture was softer, smoother, and the look like I got more hair overnight. Maybe sounds crazy, but I am not crazy it feels that works I just have visible proof on my hair. I am so happy to introduce this product to my hair, and I will recommend to all who need it. Love it!Barbara

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  • Excellent product!, (eviedarling CA)

    I've been using the Keranique products for a year now and have seen tremendous changes in the thickness of my hair. I love the Overnight Repair Serum. After shampooing and conditioning with the very good Keranique line of products, my hair feels rejuvenated and looks shiny. I love the product!

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  • Hair loss due to aging, (Nette81367 MD)

    Never thought I'd be dealing with hair loss as my mom didn't experience his. Been using for 2 weeks and hair is not breaking out anymore. I decided to order the set due to good results from this product. Very hopeful!

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  • Better, (Dressy1 NY)

    Well, used for several months. It seems to be working. Very little used go a long way, so I feel a little about the price. I reordered, but used coupons, etc to lower the price. I use the other Keranique products. Hsns prices are a little better than others prices when hsn features their specials.

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  • A nice scalp treatment, (3tsoleil MD)

    I have used this in conjunction with the follicle stimulating serum for about 1 month. I use it twice a week. Nice light texture, no scent. My hair used to grow unevenly, fast on the top and front, slower in the back. When I received my perm today, I had about and inch of new growth all over. A little pricey. But worth it.

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  • ?????, (calliel FL)

    didn't notice any difference. In fairness, HSN should give us longer to use...perhaps it will work in time but too expensive to keep and hope it will work. Where is the return label???One was not provided

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  • TOO Expensive, To Do NOTHING!, (starwatch FL)

    Had HOPE, yet was let down. These products are TOO expensive, for TOO small amount of product in bottles; then DON'T do anything. Sent back!

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