Keranique 30-Day Volumizing Kit with Deep Hydration

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  • KERANIQUE, (zxyfairy FL)

    good product. I use it for years. and where I pierce my hair It turns and grows. I have a condition called LUPUS..and this product helps me grow back my hair...thanks KERANIQUE.

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  • Disappointed , (Shell662 OH)

    I ordered this product because it stated that it would protect and repair dry hair. I received my shipment on 6-29-18 and used it faithfully. Unfortunately it dryed my hair out even more so I am returning my product.

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  • So leary to try..., (TARINA TX)

    I turned 60 this year and noticed in the front of my head it was thinning out real fast. So for my b-day present to myself I started with the larger growth kit. I wasn't noticing to much of a change but did not give up. Then I got this volumizing kit. My hair is now just starting to grow in. It has taken almost 6 months but you can really see the difference. Before all you could see is scalp and now there is real hair growing back! Will continue to use.

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  • Not Satisfied, (sarah646 NJ)

    Today was my first time using this. The shampoo and conditioner was good. The lift & repair treatment spray indicates to use after wash and dry and can be used while blow drying. However I found this product first tangled my hair while wet and stiffened it while blowing it drying which made it hard to do. So I washed the product out my hair. I believe that maybe this product is not for all types of hair as mine is coarse. So I am disappointed that I cannot use it because after all the commercial i have seen made me believe it was. The other item, Follicle Boosting Serum, I am afraid to use, unsure of how it will react to my hair, so I left that one sealed.

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  • Noticeably less hair loss, ( GA)

    so far, so good. I have noticed that this product is really helping with new hair growth at the temples, and in the crown. My hair is no longer falling out by the hand full when I dry it with the hair dryer. planning to go ahead and order more. Shampoo & conditioner are pleasantly scented. Serum and root thickener spray have minty smell. I am age 59.

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  • Give Keranique a try, (decbaby CA)

    I have only had the product for 3 weeks so it is difficult to say whether it will actually help with new hair growth. It works wells and time will tell on the outcome.

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  • It really works, (Joe22563 MI)

    I have been using this product for 6 months.I stopped looking for new hairs after 6 weeks Of use. One day into iced my hairline in front was acting funny, I gave careful look, and OMG, My hairline was filling in and I was getting a widows peak. The same for the other side of part. The hairline in front next to part , the hair was giving me a fuller hairline also.I couldn't be happier . To achieve this results it was 6 full months, and it is thicker. I was Leary about the TV commercials, but it really does work.

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  • It made my hair , (mljw VA)

    I didn't like the product. My hair flopped

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  • At last full hair, (MalteseMom4 NY)

    I have struggled with thinning hair for years. I've tried every product that claims to either a) regrow hair or b) provide thicker fuller hair. At last I found a product that works! My hair is not only fuller and looks much thicker, but is much easier to manage. I might try their regrowth product next. Love this product!

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  • didn't work for me, (ALSUNSHINE AL)

    This shampoo & conditioner did not work for me. My hair is color treated, baby fine & thin so i had to try these products. They left my hair limp no body & even the styling products didn't help.

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  • Would be zero stars ..., (MBCatLady FL)

    This is the one of the absolute worse hair products I've ever used. It made my already frizzy hair twice as worse and I lost a handful both the shower and my comb. No shine whatsoever. My curls were gone; just turned into a head of pouf frizz. Horrible!!! Back it went. No return label either. What a horror show. :(

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  • Not for me, (GERRILIZ IL)

    I don't know if these products work but I can tell you that I've NEVER used a product that created so many tangles that were nearly impossible to get out without ripping the hair out.

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  • Amazing so far, (wendiliu CA)

    I recently started using Keranique, and the very first time I used it, I did not have a handful of hair fall out! This prompted me to use it the next day, even less,

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  • Did Not Work For Me!, (Shopgirl60 TN)

    I have used these products twice and decided I could not lose any more hair! Just trying to comb through my hair after washing was making too much hair come out because it was so tangled. It may cause hair to grow but I cannot take a chance on losing more hair just trying to comb thru after washing.

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