Keranique 120-Day Hair Regrowth and Start Up Kit Auto-Ship®

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  • Good, (Sweetie2020 NM)

    Excellent product.

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  • Just Works!, (mommy323 MN)

    I have been using this kit religiously since May 14, the day I received it. My hair is growing back. I took before and after pictures as proof. I noticed the difference after the first two weeks. These little baby hairs were growing in on the balding spots. I have been experiencing hair loss since my early 20's and am now 40. I have curly thin-med thick hair. The sham/cond are ok. The spray is not that great. The true star is the minoxidil treatment.

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  • Wont do without it, (ret749 NY)

    Ive been using this product for almost a year. It is great and has helped to regrow hair in the crown of my head and hairline that was both bald and embarrassing. I wont go without Keranique. I was losing my hair since 2012. I tried EVERYTHING to no avail. I do have black hair and supplement the conditioner with one from carols daughter or tweaked by nature. I also use dudleys blue color moisturizer to manage my hairs natural moisture balance. The texture of my regrown hair has changed.

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  • LIFE CHANGING!!!, (glampink1 PA)

    1 month reviewi am 42 and have had a receding hairline at my widows peak that has progressed over the last 5 years. i decided to finally try something. enter keranique. shampoo/conditioner/leave-in spray are wonderful products, leaving my hair full and manageable. i have faithfully used the kit exactly as recommended. the amount of new hair growth is amazing!!! my bald areas are filled in with so much tiny new growth! i am so thankful i tried this! i feel like me again!

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  • Hair growth, (lovie33 NY)

    Have not been using it long. Still hopeful

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  • It works if you follow directions, (lirydells NY)

    In November 2018 I had two surgeries, and between all the anesthesia and medications I had to take, my hair started breaking and falling out.I used Keranique and stopped using any tools with heat. My hair stopped breaking and falling out, and began to fill in.Now my hair is thinning due to age, and I have started using Keranique again. This time I am being much more consistent. Based on the results I've had in the past, I fully expect it to work again.

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  • Awesome!, (poohbear8677 KY)

    I am 59 years old and have seen thinning hair and receding hairline over the past few years. I started using this on a Thursday and on Tuesday I can already feel a huge difference in how much thicker my hair feels. Im looking forward to seeing the results in a couple of months! Thank you Keranique!

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  • It works, (thought4urmind GA)

    My Mom has been using this for years and gave me a set for Christmas. I have seen a big difference in the past couple of months. My hair thinned out due to hormone therapy. I am natural, 4C type hair and it has made my hair soft and manageable. It's grown a lot and I have noticed less breakage. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is struggling with getting their hair to grow or suffers from thinning.

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  • Kerinique , (Moore4 LA)

    Kerinique really makes my scalp tingle . I love that u can feel it working. I already see lil hairs poking out.

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  • Straight up- the best I found., (Apriljones MS)

    I'm 55, my hair was thinning.. not growing in length ... I bleach... it was breaking off and not growing..I was feeling in despair... is this what 55, does?I tried this... not expecting much...Needless, to say..This Blew Me Away!My pony tails are thicker.. my bangs can be put behind my ears... I feel more thickness at back crown...This is my second purchase of this...The TS... was phenomenal on this package...If, you missed it... stay tuned..I recommend this product highly...

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  • The jury is still out. , (cgrep123 NY)

    Purchase this with the special value of the day. The shampoo and conditioner are OK, but as everyone says my hair seems more dried out so I throw in a little bit of regular conditioner. As for The hair regrowth for women, again OK, but very thin and runs down your face as opposed to minoxidil which is more of a foam. I do like the spray that makes my hair look fuller, not going to return it but way more hype than its worth

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  • Not for me, (playon MI)

    Used the 7 day start and I kept breaking out in hives. So still started using in daily treatment and still reacted to the treatment. Love the shampoo and conditioner and repair is awesome. Will send back. Hope all are not sensitive to it like I am.

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  • Hair need, (trasparent NY)

    used kerinique before in shampoo and conditioner. Liked the results but this kit included everything and in larger sizes. Anxious to see better results this time and will rate again.

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  • Fingers crossed!, (sisters6 IL)

    Ive only had this for a few days so its still to early to see hair regrowth but I love the shampoo & conditioner! Very thick and luxurious. The other products are easy to work with and leave my baby fine and thin hair, feeling full and shiny! I have had thyroid surgery so Im hoping this helps!

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  • Waiting..., (Julez33 WI)

    Using the products daily, waiting for results. No regrowth yet (6 wks), product smells good. Shampoo is a bit stripping and not moisturizing even though it says for dry hair. I will continue to use everything in the kit and hopefully after the 120 days results will be obvious.

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