Kansas City Steaks (24) 3.2 oz. All Beef Hot Dogs

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  • KC Steak Dogs, (vr1 OH)

    great tasting dogs,grilled or boiled. I will eat no others!

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  • love these, (vstrib WA)

    these are the best hotdogs!!!! the flavor and texture cant be beat

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  • Yummy!, (Lakesmiley OR)

    I love hotdogs. I've tried many brands and these are the best.Simply delicious!

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  • Kansas city hotdogs, (JJH99 IL)

    Hamburgers & hotdogs tastes good

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  • Best hot dogs, (Mathcoach FL)

    These were my third order. Would not be without them. Best hot dog we ever had. There really is a difference. Very juicy and very yummy.

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  • Great Dogs!!, (Jennifer5 FL)

    You cant go wrong with Kansas City Steak Co. These are truly all beef Hot Dogs.I buy all my products from them I have never had a piece of meat from this company that was not tasteful. These Hot Dogs are very juicy and delicious.Try them.You will never buy a regular Hot Dog again in your supermarket after trying these.

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  • Hot Diggity Dogs, (Peppermint725 CT)

    Awesome doggie. Flavorful and beefy massive size that doesn't get lost in the bun - fits perfectly

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  • The BEST hot dogs!, (mgginreys OH)

    These hot dogs are delicious. Obviously at the price theyll only be purchased for special occasions, but they will definitely be on my list of must haves.

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  • Best tasting hotdogs ever!, (Alicia4218 NC)

    Everyone that enjoys a good beef hotdog, get this.. You will not say where is the beef? Lol.

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  • I was hesitant, (stbernard WI)

    I wasn't sure I wanted to spend this much for hot dogs so I was hesitant. I'm glad I did though because they are outstanding!

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  • Kansas City Beef Hot Dogs, (Beaumac15 NH)

    EXCELLENT hot dogs!!!! These are the only brand I will buy

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  • The Best, (Bettie22 CA)

    These are my favorite hot dogs. My family loves them. I constantly buy them over and over again. Thank You, Kansas City Steaks and HSN.

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  • Yummy, (Charli254 AL)

    Thank you for fast shipping arrived still frozen. These hot dogs are such a treat good flavor and not boring.

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  • a real meat hotdog!!, (Zindy WI)

    I can not say enough good things about these hot dogs. I have not been a lover of hot dogs, but I put these on our hot dog roller machine and the taste was a great as in the restaurant. These really have a wonderful flavor!!

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  • Outstanding, (heloman FL)

    Great dogs, juicy with real hot dog taste not store bought taste. This is our second order. Buy them!

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