Kamenstein Multi-Tier Storage Turntable

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  • On our kitchen table, (Pinkpixie273 CA)

    I use this on the kitchen table for my husbands medication. Everything is visible! Its a great quality, too.

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  • Fits well in the cabinet, (_Kara_ NY)

    If you use lots of spices, as I do, this fits well in the cabinet and provides you with lots of options to organize your space. I love this. I have not found a perfect one yet, but this come really close.

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  • Great product, (Gobuckeyes128 OH)

    Like veritable heights and excellent turn table- well built

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  • OK, (EMGRM IL)

    very large turntable, I am using it for medication, prescriptions stand on the tiered area and OTC boxes stand in the back area, convenient.

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  • too deep to fit cabinet, (BARB914 LA)

    disappointed it is too deep to fit in my cabinets so couldn't use offered to friends to see if they can

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  • Not as expected, (jane811 NY)

    The turntable saves a bit of space in my fridge, but I expected more. The outer area is not wide enough to hold anything, so is a waste. Also, some items fall when I spin the turntable slowly. I would not recommend this product.

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  • Kamenstein turntable, (Fritzine KY)

    I'm not sure if I like it or find it useful.Crazy concept.

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  • Not what I wanted, (merryfrog FL)

    The product was well made however the size is too large to fit in my kitchen cabinets. I wanted to use for spices but is too large. I ordered 2 will keep one and return the other

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  • Not a good turntable....., (sisterflower72 TX)

    The rear section of this turntable is fine as it has a lip to keep products in place, but the remainder of the turntable not so good. Items placed on the front 3 ledges have nothing to keep them from sliding or falling off no matter how careful you try to be when turning. I thought this would make table service easier, not spend so much dining time picking up condiments that continuously fall off when utilizing the turntable feature. Cannot recommend.

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  • Overpriced Item., (UNIQUELYME MI)

    I received items scratched throughout. Great concept, but, very poor quality. Did not rotate smoothly even emptied. Light and flimsy and very overpriced.Put right back in box and back it went!

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  • Kamenstein Multi TierTurntable, (stargazer38 WI)

    Fits on the countertop well or in the pantry for graduated stacking

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