Jessica Simpson 3.4 fl. oz. Fiend Eau de Parfum

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  • Fragrance fades , (ColoradoMama5 CA)

    I was excited to get this new fragrance. Initially I loved the the smell, but five minutes later, the fragrance was completely gone! I wasn't happy with it.

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  • Fiend perfume , (winnie31 MD)

    No smell unless you like no scent perfume, did not like gave to Granddaugther to play with.

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  • Jessi S - Fiend! Perfect smell! SO Fresh!, (DC5777 CA)

    Love, Love ,Love! The smell is so fresh, not overwhelming, relaxing! The bottle is so fun looking! The price Great! I would give it a 10+!!! Wish I would have bought 2! Great Job Jessica!

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  • Love it, (booshie10021997 NY)

    I love this scent. I get complements every time I wear it. I cant smell it on myself after a short time however I hugged my daughter after having it on for hours and she said I smelled amazing and asked what I was wearing. Love love it!

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  • Beautiful!!!, (HopeMNJ NJ)

    This fragrance is amazing and so is the bottle. Its soft and fluffy and intoxicating. Love it. Someone told me today that I smelled yummy. Its really beautiful. Going to order another bottle.

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  • Not Lovin It!, (JS30 FL)

    I love the bottle, and agree with most that scent does NOT last, but for me I almost smell a hint of a kind of rubbing alcohol smell which I am NOT Lovin, wanted to love this as I am looking for a new fragrance, this is not the one. Going back.

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  • Wonderful Scent: doesnt last, (LuvThunderStorms OK)

    Rated 4 star, because the scent is wonderful, and I like Jessica. Really I should give it a 3 because the scent does no it lastmaybe an hour. I have a good sense of smell so I know its not me. The scent is amazing. Yes its light: Yet light scents should last. Please fix this or make a lasting version. Please I love the scent!

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  • Not good, (docleemc NY)

    not good

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  • Nothing like her other perfumes, (shoppshsn6 NM)

    I absolutely love Jessica Simpson, I also love all of her fragrances but this one smells unlike any of her scents, I really didnt like this one, to Be honest it smells how do I say thisold, as in old lady perfume. And As a almost 50 year old woman this smells even too dated for me. I doesnt smell powdery or fruity. I Will be returning it

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  • Flowerly scent, (Rebhou1 TX)

    If you like a flowery baby powder scent this one's for you I don't that's why I returned it I did love the packaging though the bottle is beautiful

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  • Disappointed , (duch0527 FL)

    Wished the scent stayed longer. I was disappointed with its lasting power.

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  • Fiend Eau de Parfum, (Frannie25 CA)

    Nice smell but it doesn't last she needs to take this perfume back to the drawing board and improve this perfume for the scent to last. Like I said smells good but it has to be reapplied over and over again. I'm going to keep it but would not reorder til it's improved.

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  • Ann, (fashion1414 CA)

    I'm very disappointed with fragrance being there no fragrance nothing no odor what so ever. I just keep it for the shape of bottle.

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  • Very nice, (Hekofawoman FL)

    Not a strong scent, which I love. But what makes this a great scent, is the staying power on my sweater. I cant really smell it on me for very long, but when I grab my sweater, its just smells so good.

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  • Wheres the scent?, (Dani1116 NY)

    I love to be able to wear a scent and catch a whiff of it as the day goes on. Upon initial spritz it smelled lovely - but lasted literally 30 seconds on my skin. I tried applying more on my skin and on my clothes with no better result. It simply doesnt last. Such a shame - it had a lot of potential.

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