Jay King Sterling Silver Rhodochrosite & Lapis Reversible Flip Cuff

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  • WOW!!!, (Phoenix5150 OH)

    Absolutely beautiful both gemstones so bright and colorful. Fabulous two different bracelets just by flipping. Easy on easy off.

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  • Striking Bracelet!, (MissionMe NY)

    This bracelet is beautifully designed and made. It will not disappoint.

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  • Beautiful!, (LOLITALOCK VA)

    I was going to send back until I saw the Labradorite! Jay's Labradorite usually don't suit me because I am a Labradorite snob! But this bracelet is Beautiful! It has an orange labradorescence over the whole stone! I LOVE IT! And the turquoise is pretty also.

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  • Versatile , (Beachy711 FL)

    Love the creative use two stones in one bracelet!!! Very clever and pretty

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  • The cuff is nice , (billiedd FL)

    I love Jay King stuff Hes almost the only jeweler that I buy! Ive got many pieces but I have to choose carefully because I dont have unlimited funds! I bought a labradorite ring with the same cabochon in it. Stone was cracked and yellow with black. On tv it was blue and green. I had no hope, so I sent it back.Then I saw this amazing deal on the cuff!! When I got it I realized it was the same type stone as the ring. But the cuff had nice blue and green shine in it! PLUS turqThe BEST

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  • Very Nice!, (snowie723 FL)

    Nice reversible bracelet. The turquoise is beautiful and the labradorite has more green than blue, but still looks good. The silver is nice as well.

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  • Unique , (Mima468 IL)

    Love that I can switch from labradorite to turquoise. Two for the price of one!

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  • Jay king two stone bracelet, (danny12x MI)

    Love the way it fits & flips

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  • Two for one, (TVChick NJ)

    Love that I have the look of two cuffs with a simple flip. Bold and beautiful, this one is a winner.

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  • My new favorite!, (Sandra-KC MO)

    My two favorite gemstones are turquoise and labradorite, so this purchase was a no-brainer. I enjoy wearing it and surprising people. Fits perfectly, as do all of Jays pieces.

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  • Perfect, (GRAMASITA CA)

    Love, love, love it! I have many of his pieces and this cuff is one of my favorites already. Its substantial yet light and airy, so comfortable during hot days. Beautiful stones.both the turquoise and labradorite are perfect!

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  • So pleased, (bdtaylor506 OH)

    I just received this beautiful flip cuff bracelet and I couldn't be happier! Perfect fit, perfect workmanship and just perfect stones! I'll be eyeing more of Jay King's silver.

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  • Finally Convinced, (MissMarilynC MN)

    When I saw this Rhodochrosite, I was in disbelief. NEVER have I seen this quality, and to me, a majority of the material I have seen was not at all eye catching. THIS IS MUSEUM quality and I feel like I got one that looked better than the sample shown. The LAPIS, again, 2 for 2. OK Jay, I am finally a believer. I bought both bracelets the were available and I shut my mouth. I am glad I gave you another shot. This design works!

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  • Not dead, (MissMarilynC MN)

    The Labradorite is an impressive size with a fully alive presence. Though the turquoise is compressed, it looks flawless. The amazing look and options this bracelet gives you is only limited by your imagination. The gem stone cutter ought to be praised, because they caught all of the fire.

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  • Both stones are excellent., (Topique CA)

    Sits nicely on the wrist, and is a great complement to the necklace. Easy to wear, not too heavy or restrictive.

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