Jay King Sterling Silver Labradorite Pendant

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  • Just like the picture!, (UPSET356 OH)

    Ordered mine 11/2022 & paid a little more than sale price. It's absolutely beautiful! Has all the colors & fire you would want.

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  • Beautiful Labradorite Fire, (Flygirl2164 AZ)

    Ive learned when it comes to jewelry (any designer) to buy 2 or more pieces. In a store more than likely you would have a choice between a few pieces, so do the same when ordering. You are bound to like one of them. I did and both were beautiful, one slightly more. It has blue and gray fire in it. Although not as blue as the one in the photo it is still beautiful.

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  • Poor Cousin of "On-air" Version - RETURNED , (secretgarden1 VT)

    The labradorescence was so disappointing being light green with multiple areas of brown and yellow and even dead areas with no labradorescence at all. The only intense blue as shown on air was a small dot about 1/8" by 1/8". Disgusted with all of Jay's items bought recently. None of it resembled the on air presentation. All returned. And I lost a lot of faith in Jay King and HSN for letting him do this to me. Funny story: Even the air bag placed in with the items didn't have any air in it.

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  • Labradorite pendant, (CARMENM ME)

    Not like on tv both of mine were gray in color not the Blue they were not AA or AAA they were muddy or cloudy so disappointed no quality control anymore I have lots of Jays pieces they were returned I would buy one if it was in the Blues

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  • looks nothing like the picture, (Attn-BuyerBWare IL)

    Pendant shown on TV and photographed is blue. The one I got is sickly green like watered down kiwi juice with streaks in it. Not a single bit of blue. It is going back like every other Jay King labradorite piece I've tried.

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