Jay King Sterling Silver Dark Red Ruby Bead Necklace

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  • Dark Red Ruby Bead Necklace, (isthisatest_101 TX)

    Small beads. More pink than red. It does sparkle. Beautiful necklace if you are not expecting some red...

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  • Packaging is horrible, no identifiers, (mdkc OR)

    no identifier of the stones, necklace was in a baggie and the box was dirty. Jay King information and cleaning cloth in another CLEAN sealed baggie. As a gift, I would INSIST the stones be identified and have some PRIDE in what your selling! The necklace is beautiful, but let's not look like it was purchased out of someones trunk!

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  • Disappointed with product , (LMFinds NH)

    I received a ruby necklace with holes in several beads where it appeared damaged. I chatted with a support person who is sending a replacement. Excellent support via Chat option. I sure hope the 2nd shipment is not damaged. I have had two items that I have returned due to damage. Please put more effort into sending quality products.

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  • Light pink, (whatevername CO)

    Not dark red at all, and many of the beads were a very light pink with the rest a medium pink color. I sure would like a red one like shown here on the internet or on the TV presentation. The look of my beads were dull and not pretty at all. I'm wondering if I was sent another item. And I'm disappointed I had to pay to send it back. Had I seen this in person, I wouldn't even had stopped to look at it. Many of my Jay King items are verynice, but this was pitiful.

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  • Wheres the red?, (nana7171 FL)

    This necklace is pretty but it is absolutely NOT red! It is purple!

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  • I just love this one..., (ferralmama1 CA)

    It is absolutely beautiful...

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  • Deep rich red rubies, (JW52 TX)

    Very pretty! I ordered both the 'dark red ruby' necklace as well as the 'red ruby necklace'. I am keeping both of them.

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  • Smaller than shown in video!, (Suznap MO)

    I do believe this necklace that I received is not this item number - my necklace received is small and looks like the one in posted as item 682-385 - so it goes back!

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  • Jay King Dark Ruby Necklace, (DebR1 FL)

    I finally received my necklace and its beautiful, its my birth stone and I have been waiting for one to come out. Im so glad I got one. As I have the Emerald, Blue Sapphire and the Garnet this is a nice add to my collection. However, they are VERY small beads and not very dark which makes me think I received the smaller one instead either way Im keeping, but seems like a bait and switch.

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  • Excellant, (Skidboot FL)

    I sent it back. I recently purchased the Pink Sapphire necklace and this is real close to that one except smaller and a little darker. I like the pink one much better and knew this one would not get enough turns out of the jewelry box to keep, since I have over 30 of Jays necklaces. Sparkled like crazy, dark pink in color.

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  • ruby necklace, (silverqueen4 CA)

    I bought this after seeing it on HSN. I was not disappointed when I opened the box. Stones are nicely faceted and show up well when worn. Would like some studs to go with the necklace.

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  • Sparkle galore, (Reginia CA)

    The stones are small but the beautiful colors and sparkle make up for it.

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  • Great product, (disneyladt CA)

    Beautiful, gorgeous, I never thought I would wear any thing this stunning. I have beautiful jewelry from Jay, but this is outstanding.

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  • Gorgeous, (Spaz11 CA)

    Gorgeous!!!!!!!The necklace is very small but very beautiful with dark red and sparkling.I love it ! I pair it with strawberry quartz necklace.

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