Jay King Sterling Silver Charoite Bead Necklace

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  • Unique, (MaureenUSA NY)

    My first Jay King jewelry piece.Very nice weight, the stones are beautiful. I like that I can adjust the length with this clasp, and the necklace lays flat against my skin. I like the purple color variations. The slight asymmetry of the beads add to the jewelry's unique character.

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  • Beautiful, (ww14 FL)

    Beads looked a little bigger on TV, but gorgeous necklace and a great deal on the price. Was looking for a necklace to match ring and bracelet. Very happy with this purchase.

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  • I love purple , (SparkleQ CA)

    These stones have great color and depth!

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  • Beautiful Colors, (Nuggetsgranny OK)

    Love the matrix and varying colors in this necklace. Also, purchased the earrings and they match perfectly. Would recommend.

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  • Beautiful colors, (indykrazykat17 IN)

    This necklace has beautiful color but the specimen I received had a few mishaped beads. I ordered the other one like this and liked the colors just as well and the beads in it were more uniform, so I opted on it instead. Maybe it was just the particular specimen I was sent. Colors were very similar.

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  • Disappointed in my necklace, (SunFunRace FL)

    I saw this necklace and ordered it because I thought it was beautiful. I actually ordered two to pick from and sadly both of the necklaces were disappointing. I loved the color of the beads but both necklaces had 1 or 2 beads in each necklace that were not round beads and the misshaped beads were near the center where the beads show. Sad that I could not keep even one of them. Going back

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  • Better check twice!!!, (Sardis GA)

    I expected this necklace to be a work of art and look exactly like it did on TV. After examining the necklace, I was very disappointed to see that 9 beads had a flat side, in other words, they were polished way too much. I expected better from Jay King! Very disappointed. Not only that, my necklace did not shine at all like it did on TV. For the cost of the product, I expected to see a much nicer necklace. Where is Jay King's pride in his work? Maybe it was just a bad day for everyone involved.

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