Jay King Nephrite Jade and Green Amber Bead Necklace

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  • A Winner!, (chicachic TX)

    Love the green Amber! Very nice. This is the third nephrite jade necklace I;ve bought from Jay, and I love them all

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  • Nephrite jade & green amber beaded necklace, (AllisonS8 TX)

    The beads are big, bold and the jade sparkles due to the faceting. This necklace is beautiful and the green amber definitely adds interest and beauty to the piece. The nephrite jade is a VERY dark green, looks black from a distance but up close you can see it is green.

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  • absolutely beautiful!, (glassqueen645 IL)

    this is a beautifully made necklace. colors are gorgeous.

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  • The green amber absolutely glows, (ChrisH8 VA)

    Now, I really own real jade. But, the green amber steals the show. This necklace is a double delight.

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  • Beautiful Greens, (whatever550 MA)

    This necklace is beautiful with the opaque darker Nephrite Jade and the lighter transparent amber. It can go with pretty much anything and looks stunning on. I also got the matching bead drop earrings.

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  • The Green Amber Rules!, (cmacd OH)

    Green is not my favorite color. Most of my jewelry is other colors. But this necklace has me looking for clothes to wear with it. While the jade is very dark and a bit drab, it is the perfect offset to the green amber, which looks positively plugged in. It is a joyful stone bringing light in the wearing.Glad I took a chance on something very out of the ordinary.

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  • Jade too dark, (PJrich CA)

    I wanted to like this necklace but the jade is very dark and the amber too light. I have never seen green amber this light before. returning

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  • Exquisitely regal, (Ktfaith TX)

    Breathtakingly beautiful! Truly exquisitely regal! This dresses up to the finest dressy attire or can be worn with more casual attire also. One of my absolute favorite pieces!!

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  • Two awesome green colors, (janest CT)

    To get the green jade and the amber together is a real bonus. I'm really happy with my purchase.

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  • FOREST WALK, (GussyUP-gal PA)

    Reminds me of a mossy woodland!Beautiful with Mr. King's pretty Oval Moss Amber Ring.

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  • Unbelievable beautiful!, (DebbieNH NH)

    I love the look of this necklace. When I opened the box it was breathtaking! It is so much more beautiful in person! I have had many compliments on this already. Love Jays jewelry!

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  • Beautiful but short, (Sunnysideone CA)

    I returned this necklace because it is just too short for my neck and it felt tight. Perfect for a petite woman but not for larger or taller woman.

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  • Wish it was my color, (Star1415 AZ)

    Its such a beautiful necklace. I seldom, if ever, wear green because it just doesnt look good on me with my coloring, but I just had to try it. Wish as I may it still didnt look good on me, so alas I had to return it. At least someone else will have the opportunity to enjoy it. Still gave it 5 stars because it is a lovely piece.

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  • VERY NICE ! Prettier in person!, (SactoLaurie CA)

    I've been told green is a neutral color because it is all around us in nature. The green nephrite jade has a quiet presence and is prettier, lighter in color, and a bit softer in person. The green amber has a soft greenish-yellow glow that gently highlights the necklace while wearing. I like this necklace very much.

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  • Wonderful greens, (barbershopper3 PA)

    You will never see this combination of stones from anyone other than Jay. The green amber is amazing.

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