Jay King Gallery Collection Turquoise/Lapis Reversible 28" Necklace

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  • I can't stop looking at it, (oliveeater AZ)

    Well I hesitated, because when you read some reviews that are wrong & misleading you hesitate. This necklace is gorgeous! I have no flipping going on with necklace. It lays beautifully. I imagine if you wear closer to neck it may flip. Regardless I am happy I ordered. To reviewer that has made comments about not liking compressed turquoise, who the heck cares, then why did you even order this necklace, not a constructive review.Jay just fabulous on this design!!

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  • Unique and Beautiful!, (fancydoesit GA)

    This necklace is a beautiful mine find! I love the length of the necklace which makes it more versatile. The design is so unique and beautiful. Sure the stones may flip, but I like when that happens as it adds interest to the piece. The turquoise and lapis are of excellent quality and color. I love this boutique style necklace!

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  • Wow!, (GemFanJan WA)

    High quality stones, well made and an exceptional design. I love it! Had to put it on waitlist and was delighted when it came. Worth the cost

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  • Gorgeous!, (mofree MO)

    Both the turquoise and the lapis have a beautiful and deep color. It caught my eye the first time I saw it and its as gorgeous as I thought it would be!! I Simply love it!!

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  • Great Design !!!!!, (sweetsista7778 CA)

    The design of this is more like my style! Love the length and the silver in this piece. Having a choice of the stone to display is genius! I also love the fact that it is handcrafted. Its a real special piece, that can be worn with anything, you wont find this design and quality, except for HSN and Jay King!

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  • Incredibly unique, very haute couture, (bully2 CT)

    LOVE THIS, withheld a star because the Campitos side is compressed turquoise. The length is fantastic & Lapis side is worth the price. I never otherwise buy compressed turquoise. On this, I consider it a gift with purchase. PLEASE MORE LONGER LENGTHS, esp 22-24" BEFORE extender. I paid full price but it went on sale in a week so an easy call for HSN's 30-day price adjustment, which is the BEST! Also, Jay's Lapis is the best anywhere, no exception here, with unmatched prices for such quality!

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  • on the fence, (nonnyjo3 AZ)

    The lapis is not otherwordly like I would describe other lapis items of Jay's I've seen where the blue is almost cobalt and alive (no other way to explain) It's a dark royal. The turq color is very pretty. The ease of wear is so so to no no. I love it shortened but that is a bit of a chore and you have the beads hanging all down your back. Long has to be at a certain length to not flip at the colar bone and show the blue. Don't dare lie down, it will get all tangled. With all that said it's nice

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