Jay King Collector's Special Edition Multi-Turquoise Bead Necklace

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  • Mostly greens and blues, (TFLAVA1 VA)

    Beautiful turquoise necklace.

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  • Wow!, (theresaml CA)

    Great necklace and the best is the selection and story behind the turquoise. Love it

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  • Thank you, Jay! What a great collector's necklace, (shadowwoman TX)

    I bought two of them and expected to compare them and send one back. They are both similar but uniquely different. I can't decide which one to keep, so I am keeping both of them and gifting one to my Daughter... (Thanks HSN for the INCREDIBLY affordable price).Still can't decide which one to keep... :\

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  • Beautiful turquoise, (kristen35 VA)

    I received this necklace today and it's beautiful. The turquoise are exquisite. However, I never received the card identifying the turquoise, which was one of the reasons I ordered this necklace. Customer Service cannot provide me a card, I can only return it and hope the new necklace has a card. That's unfortunate.

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  • Nice , (ant24 FL)

    I just received this necklace it has nice color to it and the bead sizes are good. Good buy.

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  • Beautiful Various Turquoise, (Caramel21 MI)

    Comfortable to wear, and colors stunning. It can be worn with many different outfits. Plus history of included turquoise wonderful. I like colors of green/blue turquoise, and earthy colors of Hubei. My necklace has those colors and am excited I ordered. Thanks Jay for another unique turquoise necklace.

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  • Oh Jay!!!, (BelindaTN TN)

    Absolutely gorgeous. Ya know, I have been thru some rough times in my life, and I cried when I looked at this necklace. I am just ssooo incredibly grateful for your beautiful treasures!! They have made life a lot more beautifulThank you for the stone original card! #8 WOW! I live near the Cherokee Indian Reservation in NC and I cant wait for my friends there to see this!!! Thank you for your work and for living a life that brings comfort and beauty to so many others!

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  • Great Quality, (Reteach7 MO)

    This is a beautiful, unique necklace. Not too big, and the stones are lovely! Each stone has its own personality and yet they all blend beautifully. I will be able to wear with anything from denim to a silky blouse. Really like the quality!

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  • absolutely beautiful, (heavenly517 CA)

    The beads are absolutely gorgeous, I received the large beads with just a little brown in them which I love. I don't like the brown turquoise. Very nice necklace!

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  • Unique piece, (Mima468 IL)

    Beautifully done Jay King! Another one of your very lovely necklaces.

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  • turquoise necklace, (berta777 CO)

    I always love Jay Kings jewelry. I was really happy that a description of the beds were included. I have many pieces and it's hard to remember where the stones are from. Maybe he can do this on all his pieces.

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  • Perfection!, (Bloved340 GA)

    Beautiful necklace, each piece of turquoise is exactly as described on TV. Looks great on.

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  • Love it!, (lolasmom08 ID)

    This is so lovely all the colors and different types of turquoise from all over the world . I have many turquoise pieces from Jay . This is the first #8 turquoise and I am thrilled .

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  • Treat for Turquoise lovers, (Texas991 TX)

    Love it. Get it while you can. Other than #8 turquoise I have beaded necklaces for rest of them. Still love this one. Thank you, Jay.

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  • In awe , (sherritt2 WY)

    Just looking at the different stones from the different mines the putting it on in love with peice I know that this will be my go necklace

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