Jade of Yesteryear Sterling Silver Jade Beaded Necklace

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  • Needs improvement , (Maggie627 FL)

    Extender very cheap for such an expensive necklace.

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  • Go bold!, (ReinaMaMa CA)

    It's nice if you go back&explain where the nephrite came from. That's what made me buy this. The clasp is not the greatest but it would be nice if we don't have to hide that part or maybe make it endless style,for those that got the longest length? It's heavy for a reason. Definitely a statement necklace! Love it! Thank you Stella for making it affordable!

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  • Nice!, (ligiere CA)

    Purchased the Celadon green in 32" and like the size of the beads. This is a substantial necklace so you definitely know you have it on. Gave 4 stars because I do not care for the darker green of the cord, so I had it restrung with a more tonal color cord. However, I love this necklace.

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    I have always wanted a natural green jade necklace and Colleen Lopez had stated that THIS ITEM, in Celadon Green the light green, is NOT DYED or COLOR ENHANCED & is COMPLETELY NATURAL & owns a necklace in this color herself. The DESCRIPTION ON this item 748-195 states that it is. So I looked up all of the Celadon Green items by this manufacturer and none say that they are COLOR ENHANCED #726-437, #683-033 and #669-169. but THIS ONE. Why the CONFLICTING information HSN?? What did I buy?

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  • Beautiful but heavy on the neck, (Mandylou1 MO)

    I should have realized how heavy jade is, especially in a 32" necklace. The necklace is absolutely beautiful, but it was too heavy for me to wear so I sent it back for something less heavy. The colors of jade were perfect for many things in my wardrobe though so you'll probably find it fits with many of the items in your closet. It is worth the cost though.

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  • look good on, (winbyko NJ)

    Looks good on but it is very heavy substantial necklace because the stones are so big

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  • Huge beads , (Avril8 NY)

    I kept the shorter length necklace. With the size of the beads and length the longer necklace is just to heavy to keep. The necklace also has a tendency to swing from side to side because of the weight.

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  • Beautiful beads but too big and heavy!, (DianaLynn5 NH)

    Sadly had to return as necklace although beads were outstanding got the multicolor, they were too large and too heavy to wear! I am petite and don't wear beads larger than the earrings had 14mm. Love the earrings and am keeping them. Please make a multicolor jade necklace with smaller stones.

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  • Beautiful, (sherwood117 OR)

    I purchased both the dark and light green 22 necklaces. The dark green was stunning, a very bold statement with the size of the beads and the color consistency. The light green was somewhere between light gray and a light green, it didnt look like jade.The clasp on the necklaces is sub standard.

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  • Beautiful jade, (unaseawall NY)

    I purchased both the nephrite and jadeite necklaces in the 22 length.The beads are stunning, the knottingimpressive. I was pleased to see a large ring closure (after the mini lobster clasp used in the jadeite beadsfrom March 2020), however the extension chain has extremely thin &small links. It is challenging to fasten and I am concerned for it holding up,especially considering the weight of the beads. I would have given them 5 stars if not for this.

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  • Substantianl piece , (WYSSEM AZ)

    O boy! I was surprised by the size of the bead and the weight of the necklace, its a substantial piece, I wish the green was greener but the necklace with the matching earrings make a spectacular set. I will wear it and see how I feel as days go by.

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  • Multi-Colors Exsquisite! Clasp is Bad., (KBNOEL IL)

    I would love to give this 5 stars but I cant because of the loops and clasp. It is a very thin and cheaply made closure for a couture piece of jewelry with substantial weight. Not only that but the loops are too small for the thick clasp, making it quite difficult to work. Ive set mine long enough so I can just slide it over my head. Otherwise, this necklace is a marvel of color! Its hard to believe that I am able to acquire such a magnificent piece.

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