iRobot e5 Roomba Robot Vacuum with Extra Filters

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  • It collects dirt but spits it out, (denken WA)

    It sucked the dirt real good. Unfortunately, whenever it moved from wood floor to rug and vise versa it would spit out the dirt! I had to return the product.

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  • Love , (debbielou1958 OH)

    The e5 Roomba robot is already my best friend!Very happy with its ability to pick up dust, dirt and even shredded paper.I empty the dirt bin after each time, and keep it clean for the next time. You can schedule it to run when you are away from home, or asleep!The only thing I see that can be improved on is the docking station is not very heavy, and the eRobot can move it around when trying to dock, due to the plastic brushes.But, all in all, I adore this little guy!

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  • Amazing, (donna553 ID)

    What this thing picks up every night while I sleep is incredible! I vacuum with my big vacuum every weekend but use this every night and it blows my mind what this thing picks up! Just incredible. Youd think I never clean my floors but I use this every night! Where does all this junk come from? Who knows but my little 2bedroom is really clean now.

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  • Delivered wrong address -open box, (Daphne222 PA)

    Box delivered to wrong address. My address is clearly marked, order from HSN,Amazon,ebay,etc frequently. I'm not sure if all pieces were there, since box was delivered open. I'm getting frustrated w/HSN receiving items open,late,defective, & incorrect items.

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  • Wow was I surprised!, (Showgal NV)

    Not only does it clean really well, but it made my old carpet look great. I did not expect that but it is a real plus. I would not hesitate. You will love it.

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  • IRomba, (Nuppy8 WI)

    Using iRobot Home App was nightmare. Very stubborn with no results. NEVER started the IROMBA. Sent it back

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  • Great Product, (DG2Fashionista50 MI)

    These are not really a vacuum strength powerhouse, but they pick up debris that shows up daily from day to day things, like dust bunnies, outdoor particles, grass, pine needles, dirt, etc., bread crumbs, cracker crumbs, salt grains. This roomba does that job, its great for in between weekly cleanings.

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  • Great item, (Wardell MD)

    Does a great job. Been holding off. Buying for years because I couldn't believe it would do that great of a job but I took the leap with the great deal and glad I did. Thinking about buying another for upstairs so I can have them both working at the same time.

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  • Roomba Robot Vacuum, (jamn10 CA)

    I am very pleased with Roomba Vacuum. However the "area barriers" should have been included.

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  • Great little machine, (NatBrat61 SC)

    I had no expectations on this purchase. I have carpet throughout most of my house. It easily navigates from kitchen floor to carpet. It is amazing how much power this has. It picked up so much dog hair!! I am obsessed!

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  • Ugh , (Patg6 FL)

    Cant connect to Wi-Fi after trying for hours.

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  • OUTSTANDING, (furballs FL)

    This is my second Roomba and I love, love, love it! I'm 80 years young living in a 1500 sq ft ceramic tiled Florida home and my new Roomba named "Roberta" easily & quietly does all my floor vacuuming for me with just a push of a button. Highly recommend this model from iRobot.

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  • Totally in Love, (KC1209 TX)

    This is my best purchase ever! I cant believe what was vacuumed out of my carpet. The dust bin was packed full the first time (somewhat embarrassing). My only regret is not getting one sooner.

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  • Works great, (FroggysMom VA)

    This Roomba works great! It goes through my whole house. I've only run it 3 times so I think it is still learning my house. I have found that I have a few pieces of furniture that it can only go partially under so I have to block the Roomba from trying to go under them by placing something under the furniture opening. Otherwise, works great from carpet to hardwood. My carpet looks better than it has in years.

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  • Roomba, (LH_Louisiana LA)

    Makes floor cleaning easy.

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