intelliWHiTE® Turbo White & Maintenance 4-piece Peppermint Kit

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  • Leaks, (marysq MI)

    The gel pen doesn't work right. Priming takes many many twists and after words it leaks when I pull it out the next time. Priming again upon additional uses and more leaking (waste of product) despite prime and wait to get the right amount of get and then more leaking. And whitening not as fast or as good as advertised. Sent it back.

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  • No difference, (Rubie594 NY)

    The product did not work and my teeth now have sensitivity issues I did not have prior to use. I sent it back. Do not recommend

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  • issue with accelerater paste, (john826 IL)

    The Blue Tube accelerator paste barely had any paste in the tube

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  • Snow White teeth, (eaglegirl60 WI)

    I love these products Ive been using them for many many years. My teeth are yellow and stained and finding these products save me thousands and thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgery. It took my yellow teeth and made them snow white.

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  • Great purchase, (Sammy166 MA)

    I've used this system three consecutive days and I've found that the product has whitened my teeth very well. I'm pleased with the results. In the past I've used charcoal powder and thought that did a great job, but the Intelliwhite Turbo kit has whitened my teeth quicker. I understand the results vary for each person and recognize that this system will not have the same results as going to the dentist. I am very pleased with the results and will purchase another kit when I run out.

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  • Improved my teeth color, (mari82 NY)

    It really works, it might not be the whitest color , but its gluten free and sensitive friendly, that is a must. Better than going to the dentist

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  • Worked for me!, (Candyisaprinces9 CA)

    I have dentist phobia. I did not go for over 20 years and when finally I knew I had to go back since I had the old silver fillings, lets just say coffee and my ice teas left them yellow. The kind of yellow that my daughter because kids say the earnest things. Why are your teeth yellow. This worked. It took the full 7 days but since COVID-19 has changed going anywhere, this was my answer. I can smoke again.

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  • Bright smile , (juju662 NY)

    Can't wait to try

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  • where is it, (cindycc IN)

    Sorry I can not review this product due to waiting four days acceptance at post office and not receiving it yet. I have complained at post office and HSN,QVC about long waits and in some cases not receiving product. We as customer we can not request UPS only or Fed x even pay more for shipping. So I feel I can get message by not purchasing any more products. What a shame. and do NOT blame Covid 19 It was happening some before that.

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  • did not work, (password89 MD)

    did not work at all so i am returning it - was so hopeful.....

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  • Return , (Beachintexas TX)

    Is this un-opened returnable?

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  • A Must, (LadyGrogg FL)

    This works great. I can't live without it!

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  • White Teeth, (tiny314 MD)

    The product truly works if you follow the instructions. I have been using for two weeks and notice a difference in the coloration of my teeth. Always price myself on white teeth and clean breath.

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  • Didn't get the sale price, BUT--, (natalie7 MI)

    am still very happy with the results that this kit provides. I just finished day 7, & am very happy with the renewed whitening Intelliwhite provides---& in 1/2 the time for each treatment. (Am currently using a prescription medication rinse which can darken teeth. But, Intelliwite treatments are very effective in restoring a whiter, brighter, much happier smile!

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  • not too white, (tonininini CA)

    bought it for my huband. It has not worked. as good as hoped it would. After 2.5 weeks it is barely done anything. I guess I will be sending it back.

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