intelliWHiTE® Turbo White & Maintenance 4-piece Peppermint Kit

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  • Used, (horrible444 PA)

    I opened the box and there wasnt a mouth guard and also the tube was used. Sent back

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  • Worked for me!, (kat20409 TX)

    I want to let others know that his does work for m e, age 61. I wasn't looking for bright white, just lighter than I had. I learned that it is very important to follow instrIuctions exactly.A few years ago I did not put the guard in correctly and had uncomfortable and poor results. I tried to put inside the teeth! Putting it on correctly was much more comfortable this time, lips only. Plus don't breath through the mouth and it won't water as much.

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  • Not enough in tube, (mybabychrissy MA)

    Very disappointed in this product. I only got 2 uses out of the tube and then on the third time I went to use it the tube was empty. Returning.

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  • Dispointmented, (Cin300 WI)

    Really did not do much of anything so sorry I got it . I am still trying it but no where worth getting it again.

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  • Defective, (dirtqueen CT)

    Ordered the kit and the whitening pen Had frayed bristles so exchanged it for another kit.Opened the lit this morning and ITurned the whitening pen 75 times(Yes I counted) and no gel came to the tip.The rest of the kit is fine but since Ive had poor experience with 2 whitening kits There may be a defect in the whitening penHas anyone else experience this

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  • Hard to use , (Kadastrell TX)

    I noticed a little difference in the first and second treatment but found the product steps to be too much. First you have to dry your teeth & brush with a special activating toothpaste. Keeping your mouth open and dry you then have to insert a big mouth guard. I had trouble with this part because it wasnt well diagramed. Then paint your teeth with the solution and wait 10 min. It was a lot of trouble for little reward. It did whiten my teeth but took more treatments than other products.

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  • Intelli-WHITE, (Lolo303 FL)

    Am I the only one who complains about the mouth guard? I find it very uncomfortable. The system itself does its job.

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  • Never got to use , (Gigi2332 NJ)

    Ordered this kit twice and both times the brush pen with the gel inside came exploded in the cap and I had to return them.

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  • Comfortable and easy! , (indypasha IN)

    I've tried a three of different home whitening systems over the last few years (I love coffee and tea). This is the most convenient! Use the lip guard and the gel for ten minutes once a day! I have trouble with sensitivity but I am not bothered by this product. I'm very happy I decided to give this system a chance! I'm satisfied and I am sure I can use this regularly!

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  • Intelliwhite turbo, (doriR63 CA)

    I bought intelliwhite several months ago but left it in the box and didn't use it cause I had other whitening products I wanted to use,but last Wednesday Amy Morrison was doing a presentation on intelliwhite on Beauty Report so I tried it for 6 days (it says 7 days) but on the 6th day the whitening gel finished, I'll never know if it would've worked. I twisted the pen twice like it said but it only gave me 6 days. I'm done!

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  • Not worth the time or money, (Janis99 WA)

    Followed all directions. Tried 2 different times. Absolutely do not waste your money or time

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  • Teeth whitening , (rejected PA)

    This give me a unpleasant taste in my mouth it didnt whiten my tooth I wouldnt recommend it

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  • intelliWHiTE, (Babs2011 NJ)

    I used as directed and it hardly whitened my teeth at all. It was a huge disappointment and I will never order it again.

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  • Leaks, (marysq MI)

    The gel pen doesn't work right. Priming takes many many twists and after words it leaks when I pull it out the next time. Priming again upon additional uses and more leaking (waste of product) despite prime and wait to get the right amount of get and then more leaking. And whitening not as fast or as good as advertised. Sent it back.

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