intelliWHiTE® Cocobrite Coconut Oil Toothpaste AutoShip®

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  • Not bad, (Hunter72 OH)

    This toothpaste wasnt bad actually I really enjoy it. Im not so sure it actually does what it says, but my teeth still are clean after I brush with it. I personally like the fact that there are so many toothpaste products out here and to be able to have a legit choice other than whats on our local shelves makes me feel that Im still doing good with the health of my mouth. I like the mintyness of it, its not over powering at all and I think thats the best part of it, I also dont miss the grit that some toothpaste brands have, so I guess it does make your mouth feel clean. Yes, I will probably purchase again, and purchase the other one as well to see how that is. I just hope the price doesnt keep going up. If it goes up again, it needs to be the ONLY toothpaste on the market because it does what it says and more. But all in all, its a good product!

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  • Good stuff, (adamsb4 AR)

    I like this product.I dont know that it whitens teeth ... I have a lot of crowns in my mouth; but I love the taste & how clean my teeth feel after brushing.

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  • good, (vallory-spirl828 FL)

    Works very well. Makes my teeth feel very clean. A bit overpriced, though.

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  • Redesign the dispenser, (summer444 CA)

    Like the toothpaste. However, intelliWHITE needs to redesign the dispenser. The tube began cracking after I had only used the toothpaste twice.

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  • Nice toothpaste that exceptionally small, (CaliforniaGold NV)

    I like the way the toothpaste feels. However, for answers the tube is barely half full. Dont know if Ill reorder because of that factor.

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  • Feels fresh, (Anonymous FL)

    I like this toothpaste a lot. It makes my mouth feel nice & fresh. The coconut oil is so good for you, although, it does not taste like coconut oil. It has a delicate, fresh taste. I am glad that they made it without Flouride. As Flouride is a neuro toxin. My only issue was that the tube arrived half full. So, I contacted customer service and they sent me another tube. So, the new tube arrived and it also is not full. I think that when you pay $12 a tube for toothpaste, the tube should at least be full. So, I f the tube was full, I would have given 5 stars.

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  • Nice paste, (RareShopperDT FL)

    I am enjoying this toothpaste, however, the cost is prohibitive for what it is. May order again when on sale or special.

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  • TOO EXPENSIVE, (Skeeter1233 PA)


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  • nNo Change Yet!!, (POOHIE2 IN)

    I've been using this toothpaste for a while now, and have not noticed my teeth getting any whiter. I don't know if i will use it longer, or send it back. Maybe it will take a little time, so I won't give up on it yet.

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  • not impressed, (rick78414 VA)

    Cant see any difference, returning.

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  • Britesmile3, (Britesmile3 CA)

    This product seems to be brightening my teeth, however disappointed that the tube came half ful! I feel HSN should replace my tube, as it an expensive toothpaste.

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  • Disappointed, (iamcat TN)

    I love the taste and the product as a whole however I am very disappointed in the fact that the tube is almost half empty. For the price of the product I think the tube should be full not half empty.

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  • Disappointed!!!!, (Dgem1 NY)

    Not only the tubes are half full, but the whitening ingredients does not work, at least not for me.....

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  • Gentle, (DebP113 NJ)

    This is gentle and does not cause sensitivity but I'm not sure that the brightening works. I gave it three stars because it's gentle and cleans but not about whitening.

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  • Arrived half empty, (jeanne907 WI)

    For $17. for toothpaste, it should be mostly full. Arrived half empty. Jason coconut from Whole Foods is $6.99. Same thing...

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