IntelliWHiTE® Carbon Power Toothpaste and Whitening Gel

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  • Good product, (sun2day CA)

    I use the charcoal toothpaste 1x a week with the gel. I use the gel 2 x a week with my regular toothpaste. Keeps my teeth bright!

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  • Great results, (LOBP OH)

    This product does exactly what it says it will do. I noticed an immediate difference with use as instructed with the IntelliWHiTE system. I would change the packaging as the plastic is not user friendly. I'd like to see this in a side by side tube where both products come out together.

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  • Carbon powder&Whitening toothpaste, (spaniel9 PA)

    Excellent product

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  • Works!, (charger1 CA)

    Worked from the start! My teeth look so white and I love the results! Easy to use. I was given a compliment, as the lady with the white teeth! I am always smiling!

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  • Absolutely the best!, (landonsannie NC)

    I am 68 years old and this toothpaste and whitening gel from the first use has shown considerable difference in my teeth. My teeth were not bad for my age but the difference is great! On auto ship and will be for as long as I can. Thanks

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  • Wow, this stuff delivers!, (taterspud CA)

    Thank you Dr. Jablow, these are the best whiteners ever!

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  • Great whitener!, (NEB OH)

    This set does a terrific job on brightening my smile! No weird taste or texture and absolutely no sensitivity! Great whitening set!

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  • love brushing !!!, (augustvibe31 NY)

    love brushing my teeth with this awesome toothpaste and my new electric makes the routine so very enjoyable with stellar results ~

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  • Love the Product... Hate the Packaging, (PowerShopper194 DE)

    Love the product. I've been using it for several weeks, and I have noticed that my teeth are a whiter. However, the packaging is awful. It's hard to juggle a toothbrush along with two tubes with screw caps without the product falling off of the brush. They should really have a flip cap on them. My only other complaint is that when I use my sonic toothbrush, I end up with little gray dots on my clothes. I know that can't be helped with a carbon toothpaste, but I thought it was worth mentioning!

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  • All Smiles , (Eveesa TX)

    Never do reviews, but this product deserves one, with all five stars .... LoveMy teeth are starting to whiten and love the fresh breath feeling. Im confidently smiling more. I love the changes I see in my daughters teeth.... I mean, in just a few days Finally.... I am Very Happy

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  • Great Stuff, (BABBALU CA)

    I love this product!! I have very sensitive teeth and whitening toothpaste have always bothered my teeth. Even spending $150. at the dentist office did not whiten my teeth that much, but this stuff REALLY works. It took about weeks but everyone sees the difference. A few of my family tried to order but it's out of stock. I'll be reordering when possible.

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  • BEST WHITENING EVER, (sscuser1 FL)

    I have tried all the whiteners and this one is by far the best. I didn't think it would do anything because I have been using another whitening gel duo and boy was I wrong. In just a few days I saw such a big difference I cancelled my other and I am sticking with this. What a difference. I just wish it came with a tooth brush like the others. LOVE LOVE LOVE. i never write reviews but this product is well worth it.

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  • Works Great!, (Joanne479 GA)

    This stuff works great. I suffer with sensitivity and these products don't bother my teeth. Used twice a day for a week and now once a day to maintain. Will buy again.

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  • Love it!, (Luvbug101 MD)

    This set has put my white teeth over the top. I drink coffee daily and since using this, even my dentist is impressed, and says my teeth are now off the charts of natural tooth whiteness. I will continue to use this as long as the compliments keep coming. Thanks for giving me another reason to smile!

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  • Great whitener , (nanakaren22 MI)

    I use this twice a day and it makes my teeth look and feel great

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