INSTAClean Home & Auto PreTreat Stain & Odor Remover 2-pack

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  • Works great for most stains, (stargazer2372 PA)

    Found a few it didnt work on but generally takes care of most stains

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  • Amazing , (Duuchess26 CA)

    Seen this product several times & always skeptical; finally bought & its AMAZING! It removed spots from my carpets 5 years old!,, love love this stuff Will definitely buy again and spread the word of this,

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  • Great Stuff, (darlingdolls WA)

    It works very well. I like to use it before I steam clean my carpets.

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  • Works Great, (Justiss-Maine ME)

    Finally a stain remover that actually removes stains! Its easy to use, no terrible strong smell & works great even on an older set in stain I had. Also great for any pet mishaps. Ive used it on pretty much everything including an old stain on back seat in my car - its now gone!

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  • Great stain remover!, (Rosey19 IL)

    I am able to use this solution on so many stains & it really works with no chemical odor.

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  • It Works!!!, (808puppyluv HI)

    Glad I purchased this. Finally something that performs as demonstrated.

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  • Suprisingly Great!, (bebop103 FL)

    I wasn't expecting much from this cleaner. Regardless, I've used it on clothes, carpet stains, shower tile, my kitchen sink and to clean the cat box. It worked GREAT. I dropped a lipstick wand with matte mauve lipstick in it onto a green blouse. I thought I'd have to throw the blouse away then remembered the InstaClean. One squirt and the stain was gone before I even put the blouse in the washer. The shower tiles also stay cleaner longer by using InstaClean. The scent isn't offensive either.

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  • Love this product, (BinxDS MD)

    I love InstaClean. It's a great product and does a great job on removing stains!

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  • insta clean stain remover, (letmewatchnow7 FL)

    This product is excelellent I reallylike it exactly like commercial verygood

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  • Liz, (Tobias5 PA)

    I love Inst-aClean Best product Ive used in years Cleans everything

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  • Great , (ksangel PA)

    Works just like described. Always need this in my house!

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  • Customer pick , (Illinois_girl1 IL)

    This review late but I use this on a lot of my cleaning whether apt or car, laundry hasn't failed my expectations cleans like a dream on everything I have used it for. Definitely a customer pick from me ! If you haven't tried this yet need to a wonder cleaner to me

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  • InstaClean, (PennyBrite7 WA)

    InstaClean is absolutely the best stain remover I have ever tried because it works. It even got out old stains which definitely surprised me.I have told my other pet friends and they too live it.

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  • Insta Clean , (yetthejet OR)

    We love this product. Everybody in my family use it. Its good for everything. When you buy this make sure you check out the other products available theres a larger one in this and if you get free shipping its five cents more and its double the amount.

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  • just what the I needed, (ritamine OK)

    Bought this for my white work shoes and shower door and grout and it was great! Shoes are like new; shower door is clean and grout is white. Can't wait to try on other items.

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