Improvements 40-piece Reusable Zip Ties

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  • JALmi, (kyle1215 MI)

    These are worth the money. I will be ordering another set.

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  • Great product would happily recommend , (sari53 NY)

    Great product would happily recommend

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  • Great, (ldnash MI)

    These are great for just about anything. I've used them for computer cords, kitchen appliance cords, ropes, ear phone cords, & to hold hoses in place.

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  • Great product!!, (RMD4 CA)

    Zip ties were easy to use and I very much liked that you can reuse them, I Used on cords for the entertainment center looked alot better very neat, and did not cut into the cords. I would purchase these again.

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  • Best ever, (sweetpea0406 NM)

    Best ever cant believe it took so long for somebody to come up with silicone zip ties the best idea ever

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  • Love these little guys!, (Jem11 NY)

    These are so convenient. You wrap them around your wires on your home cords and appliance cords. I would recommend these.

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  • Excellent , (7lucky7 AZ)

    These work great! Ive used them to tie plants to stakes, attached my bike to the porch support so it doesnt blow over in the wind, and much more. The ability to string them together makes them exceptionally useful. Really great product.

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  • Solution To My Problem, (MaryF1962 CA)

    I use just a bit of frozen spinach or frozen blueberries at a time. What to do about the open bag? I've tried many things over the years, but this is the perfect solution. I am more than delighted.

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  • So Many Uses., (RussLou PA)

    Right out of the package I have already used it in the kitchen, garage, car and garden. Great for plants and sealing just about any kind of bag. Perfect for hanging things up too. Hung a bird feeder in a tree, secured some tools in place. Easy to use and reusable. I love it.

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  • Where have these been ?, (Anonymous PA)

    I started using these right away. I had various bags of soil to seal. I dont have to worry about spillage or bugs.Now Im finding lots of different ways to use them.

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  • Love Love , (QUARRY2GIRL GA)

    These reusable zip ties are great! Yes you can reuse them not like regular zip ties. They are stretchy, too

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  • Improvements 40-piece Reusable Zip Ties, (Panda292 NV)

    Works like a charm.

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  • Pretty handy., (highdesertgal2 CA)

    These ties are very handy. The only reason for four stars is because I haven't had them long enough to know if they're going to tear from opening and closing a lot. So far so good.

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  • Reusuable zip ties, (JB484 MI)

    both green and black, short and long, will not stay locked into place. They slip out of the socket.

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