Improvements 40 lb. Square Ice Maker w/Self-Clean Transparent Window

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  • Like, (linda271 IL)

    I love my new ice machine. works much faster than my old one. Love being able to see in side.

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  • Mrs, (Greasie1 FL)

    The only thing I dont like about this ice maker is it makes one long ice cube. You have to break it apart. It does

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  • Water pump stopped working, (lolo86antonio NM)

    Its was excellent for as long as it worked. I got this from HSN and spoke very fondly of this item, six months into owning this product and its no longer works. The process of replacing through the warranty has been beyond frustrating and still waiting. Disappointed to say the least.

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  • Makes alot of ice... , (kitkat1306 FL)

    once it gets going, it makes alot of ice,,, but the ice does stick togehter.. I have to use a mallet to break it up.... . but I bag it so we have it for days... Still dont understand the cleaning part,, When I put it in cleaning mode,, there is still water in it from the last use.. even after I drain it..

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  • Very convenient , (popcorn1966 NC)

    Our ice maker broke on our refrigerator and this was cheaper than replacing the part in refrigerator. I love this machine.Its very easy to use and you can make as much ice as you want at anytime, and It doesnt take long either.

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  • works great., (blue_aggie UT)

    I have purchased so many Improvements ice machines I work them to death so I ordered this one not really realizing it made square cubes, I was just lookin at its production in lbs. It would have just gone in the pantry until I needed a replacement or an extra for holidays. After reading the negative reviews I decided to try it right away in case I needed to return it. It works as well as every machine I have ever had. Love this brand

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  • Turn off, (CCook58 MI)

    Why you cant turn this machine off without unplugging it ?

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  • Junk, (bevann772 MN)

    Got this plugged in and nothing. I heard the compressor start once.Had it plugged in for 2 days. Nothing.Tech support is a joke!Dont buy this!!

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  • Sheets of ice, (ladyao NC)

    The icemachine makes sheets of ice in cubes. We contacted the manufacturer and sent the information requested and ask for it again. Now nothing. Not happy with their lack of interest.

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  • Love, (mejoebaby IN)

    Great for counter to and weekend ice. Works and looks fabulous.

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  • Char , (Charsand64 MI)

    I really like this ice maker. I use setting 6 and I like how its thicker than other machines. I also like that the ice doesnt break apart like most machines. The blocks make the ice last longer. I do empty it right away and dont let it set in the machine. I bag it and put it in the freezer. Very pleased with it so far.

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  • Very poor product and no warranty support, (tomholli FL)

    The water pump in the ice maker started making a grinding noise after only 4 months. For warranty support the manufacturer required the following: 1. A clear and readable picture of the bill of sale.2. A clear picture of the front of the unit3. A clear view of the rear of the unit4. A clear and readable picture of the model # and serial # stickerI was able to provide all but the picture of the model #. They refused to provide any assistance.

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  • too heavy, (CLEARLY911NAL4 NC)

    This ice machine is heavy before you add water

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  • Improvements , (1craftingQueen PA)

    I just love my ice maker it does a great job & it's so fast very happy with it I would & did Recommend This ice machine to my family and friends

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  • Hazard, (Tree714 MI)

    It freezes the cubes in one block and you have to break it up. The blocks are even worse when they melt together. I consider it a hazard even with wearing glasses because pieces of ice fly around no matter how careful you are just trying to get some ice cubes.

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