Improvements 4-in-1 Bamboo Storage Bag Organizer

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  • Beautiful quality. Convenient, hung near fridge!, (sugarx2 CA)

    You need to figure how to load your bags so one pulls out at a time. I folded 4 bags into 3rds in a Z configuration. Kept placing 4 in that way on top of each other. How many depends on your bag sizes and thickness. i use only 2 sizes, so labels are nice looking, but obvious what is inside.

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  • Perfect Product, (vickidancer248 MD)

    I recommend this organizer to everyone who uses multiple size baggies. My drawer never looked so nice & I can quickly find what I need.

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  • Nice quality , (spoptart1 OH)

    I definitely recommend this bamboo bag holder it is great quality but unfortunately I had to send it back because it did not fit in my drawer and I chose not to hang it up so if you have wide enough drawers this is definitely a must

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  • Improvement Bamboo Storage Bag Organizer, (Fran990 CT)

    Love this product. I dont have drawer space so I attached it to the wall. It looks very nice and keeps the baggies neat. Thank you for bringing this product to us.

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  • Awesome , (Merv_74 OH)

    This is so handy. I love it.

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  • Fabulous product, everyone needs this!!!!, (WOLF399 OH)

    This to me is one of those products Im not sure I ever need it until I got it. It cleans up the storage area of all the cardboard packaging and organizes it in one position and you can stand it up brightly it flat or hang it wherever you need to put it its fabulous. You can fit at least three full cartons of bags in each opening. It cleaned up the entire area of a sorted bags in our pantry. I must have!!!

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  • 5, (Jeanieri79 OH)

    Absolutely what I needed to organize my storage bags. Looks great on the counter! A little heavy but no complaints! Wish I had a drawer to put it in but it's made so nicely it adds to my kitchen ambiance. Convenient. Best money spent! Love it!

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  • Improvements 4-in-1 Bamboo Storage Bag Organizer, (Panda292 NV)

    Great as always.

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  • Perfect, (countme222 OH)

    After years of boxes crushing, falling off shelves, being moved and "lost" in the pantry the aggravation is over! I need one for my trash bags: one side for the white kitchen trash and the other for the black outside bags!! Please!

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  • Perfect , (458services5 SC)

    Got two of these as gifts and when they came in, I want to keep one for myself!!! Very nicely made and sturdy and even has a way to hang it so its not sitting on the counter!

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  • LOVE!, (Teacher1andyou VA)

    I love being organized and having things easily found. This does both and is hidden away on the inside of a cabinet door.

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  • Bag Organizer, (Silky1231 NY)

    All my bags in one unit. Love it!

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  • Ann, (pawsenjoylife OH)

    This makes my kitchen drawer easier to find my bags and looks good.

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  • So far so good, (bikerjules KY)

    Just put this in my drawer last night. Tidied up from all the different boxes. Made nicely.

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  • storage bag organizer, (brendasue64 AZ)

    It does look better in a drawer than many boxes but when I was stuffing the different sizes, the quart size slot was too narrow for the length of the bags. I had to squish them in and therefore didnt hold as much as other sizes.

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