Improvements 2-in-1 Mug with Warmer and Phone Wireless Charger

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  • Lovely Red Color and But it really works, (annabell2 NY)

    This is fantastic I use it while sitting on the couch either on my computer or watching TV in the evenings. The heating plate really keeps your beverage warm. I am very pleased I ordered this.

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  • Larger mug , please, (whtawaste FL)

    Did know how much I needed this. Only problem is that I need a larger mug! Love it.

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  • Please make a larger cup., (DOG317 FL)

    Love. Love. Love this cup!Just wish it was a bit larger!With the lid on Keeps coffee hot all day without making the coffee stronger.Awesome!!!!!

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  • Coffee drinkers , (grams0207 AZ)

    I like it. I sit with it next to me while I read and my coffee stays nice and warm. Hope it works for a long time.

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  • Mug, (Brombo97 FL)

    Very good! Keeps liquid hot for sure! Not boiling hot just rite! It s ceramic and the lid is a great addition too! Red is beautiful !!!

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  • Love it, (Bella2266 OK)

    I use it everyday and love that it keeps my coffee hot for hours. I used to heat my coffee in the microwave every 40 minutes, now I can sip and enjoy hot coffee . I wonder if I can buy an Xtra mug without warmer?

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  • Great gift, (gardener15 GA)

    Tea drinker loves this. Able to have hot tea while dealing with a toddler.

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  • Love it so much, (Ksams WV)

    This is the best purchase I have made in awhile. It is induction, so the pad will not get hot, just warm from the hot cup of coffee sitting on it. I am not sure how induction works, but it keeps the coffee at the perfect temperature. Not so hot it burns your mouth but hot. I dont even have to use the lid to keep it hot. I came back and bought 2 more for gifts and kept 2 for myself. I got the white because I want to see if a nat or other bug gets in it. Buy this if you enjoy hot beverages.

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  • Nice Mug, (ViicMik5015 IL)

    I like this mug its nice. BUT too small. Come back next year with a much larger mug and an option to purchase additional mugs. Ill buy it for myself & friends.

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  • Ok, nothing special, (Bebelina NV)

    It charges ok... the mug warmer, while it gets the bottom of the mug quite hot, doesn't really keep my coffee warm enough. I'll stick to my insulated cup.

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  • Cold coffee, (thea116 NY)

    I really wanted this to work. Kept trying to use it but the warmer never maintained the temperature.Returned.

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  • Stay away, (CMaley32789 FL)

    This has not worked since day one. It will occasionally work as a phone charger but as far as keeping a drink warm (let alone hot) it's a complete failure.

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  • Not good , (joda724 NJ)

    This doesnt work. Doesnt keep anything warm. I guess use it as a phone charger.

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  • Doesnt work, (My3sons80s OK)

    This warmer will charge your phone but doesnt keep your coffee warm. Even if its hot when you place it on the warmer hot, it cools off. Also cup is very small.

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  • Regular customer, (optimist401 FL)

    The fresh coffee was not kept hot at all and the charger did charge but very little at a time. Now they are selling it on another website for twice the amount.

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