Hunter True HEPA Tall Tower Air Purifier with EcoSilver Pre-Filter

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  • air purifier, (aseer NJ)

    Great in my new grandson nursery

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  • Air purifier , (nvrain NV)

    I like this item Works great.

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  • Big Difference , (Pinkypea84 NY)

    Bought this air purifier to put in my living room ....I can feel the difference in air quality...Great Buy!!

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  • Clean air , (cricket868 NY)

    Really feels the fresh air, removes order excellent. Set on 8hours timer. I have to remember to turn it back on but the apartment stays fresh. So no need to run all the time is great this was the best choice at times like this.

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  • Great, (boloni NJ)

    Ive had many air purifier but this one is excellent. I highly recommend it

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  • Great and stylish, (SmoothPeezy WI)

    I love the style and easy to use. Sits at my bedside and set on low its quite and doesn't disturb my sleep.

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  • Above expectations , (oasis400 FL)

    This is my first purifier. I purchased because I have a pet and did not want my home to smell like one. So for added assurance I purchased. Great quality, small imprint, quiet when in operation does what it says it will do

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  • Great machine, (Smh18 SC)

    I love this Hunter air purifier. I have it in my bedroom. The air seems to be so much lighter in the room. My dust intake has decreased. In future want to get another for the livingroom. I recommend it

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  • A perfect Gift of Clean air, (tizzier27 PA)

    This was given as a gift. My friends loved it and are enjoying it.

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  • Hunter try hepa, (DebbieD60 TN)

    Wow, I have noticed a difference using the Hunter. I want to purchase another one for bedroom.

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  • Clean, (cea1267 WI)

    When the morning sun would shine through our living room windows we could see all these particles floating around the room. Dusting was a daily thing. The first day we plug the filter in we noticed no floating particles and the dusting is no longer daily which makes the wife happy and you know Happy Wife means Happy life

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  • No more sneezing, (Seniorinneed OR)

    I am so happy with this air purifier. I dont sneeze and cough and have the usual allergy symptoms Ive been putting up with for years. A friend recommended I get a good air purifier and I know that Hunter is a reliable brand. Im so happy I got it.

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  • Air purifier , (connieb13 AZ)

    I like it very much, it works greatI can tell the difference in the air quality in the house

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  • Allergy relief instantly, (sunshinejab GA)

    I sent this to my daughter in Vancouver, WA during the peak of the fires. It restored the air quality in there apt. within an hour. So happy I bought this.

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  • Happy, (BritGirl9 FL)

    Wonderful air purifier. I bought a smaller one for the bedroom and it too is just great. The air is so clean. Thankyou.

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