Hunter 10K BTU DOE 4-in-1 Portable AC with Remote

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  • Hunter 10K BTU 4in1 , (SMS0905 IN)

    The convenience of being portable makes it quickly adaptable. Used in more than one area. Remote control with setup allows programing to be quick and easy. Very durable unit and surprisingly very economic to my utility bill.

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  • Hunter Portable A/C Unit, (Coni0808 MI)

    UPS delivered in damaged box. I got home 45 min too late; otherwise, would not have accepted. Product had major broken part so one could not hook up. Pain in the XXX to return ... especially if you think moving 88 lbs. is OK for a 70 y. o. person. Dealing with UPS is an art in itself. You cannot! Special company came to take product away. Don't spend your money on this one. Expensive product too! HSN support helped to settle my nerves though. I think they understood.

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  • Received with broken parts, (jwd7 TN)

    The Item was received with broken parts for installing vent tube. Never ran the equipment. Just repackaged and returned. Can't rate its operation because I didn't run the item.

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  • New but hopeful , (AnyoneCA WA)

    This is exactly what I need for the upstairs hang out room in my old farmhouse. It is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. This is still new, so Im hoping it works well year round. So far, so good.

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  • Works just fine, (BARBARIBA TX)

    Unit works just fine. Am disappointed that I have to roll unit to outside door to drain. It is heavy for a senior citizen to do this.

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  • Works but not the best, (Deny GA)

    I bought this unit hoping to cool and heat a new addition to the house that is not connected to my current HVAC system. While the room is less than the size this unit is supposed to be able to handle it struggles to cool the room by even 3 or more degrees during the day. The higher than normal ceilings may account for this but I would have still expected more than a 3-degree drop in a room that is less than 350 square feet. Like my title says it works just not as expected.

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  • 89 lbs and too heavy to move!, (writerjohn1 IN)

    Probably works great, but I returned it without opening the box. Too heavy to move and I live alone. Also, apt complex said I could not have it in my window since I live on the 3rd floor and it would drip water on downstairs apt.

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  • Misleading presentation.., (bynight WA)

    I am very disappointed. I received the box and the packaging was already ripped on the bottom. I had to use a dolly to get the box inside the house over 80lbs very heavy. The presentation made no mentioning about needing 2-3 people to set it up and that it would take over 1 hr to do so. HSN made it seem so effortless and easy and that anyone can do it!.. I sent it back unopened! Had to pay $15 with the free return label (it is not free as promised)!.. The worst experience of sending it back too!

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  • Doesn't work, (SDONNER TX)

    dragged it up 2 flights of stairs and installed it (10 min) remote doesn't work right and neither does the unit. Defaults to heat, when u select swing or timer or power - heat. U have to manually set it even time u want to use it and then it kicks on and off WAY too often and loudly. It's like a truck is in the room with u. Won't even cool a 10 x 12 room as well as a window unit from the 70s. BIG fail. Hunter used to make good products. Now will be a giant pain to return.

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    I purchased this item, due to the ease of installation that was shown on TV. When the box arrived, the delivery man had trouble bringing the box into my house, no wonder The box weighs over 80 pounds!!! This was never mentioned on the show - I looked at the description on the website, after I received the box, it says it takes 2 to 3 people to install and up to 1 hour!! Wow!! I will be sending back - unopened!! Waste of time & money!!

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