Hover-1 Kart Hoverboard Kart Attachment

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  • so cool, (RK251 OK)

    I ordered this for my 6 year old for Christmas. She wanted a hoverboard but we were sure she could handle one yet. This makes it possible! The hover board is a different brand but this still worked. My husband and I assembled it and attached the two to make sure everything worked and we were so sad we were outside the weight limit for the board bc this looked so AWESOME. Pretty sure we just won Christmas. Highly recommend this - in fact I did recommend this cart to my sister! It extends too!

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  • Poorly Made, (ChelleYeah NC)

    Not only did it take almost a month to arrive, it came with improper tools to assemble! The bolts dont fit the screws, the pieces with the poles dont line up. Was able to manipulate it to fit! Bolts still fall off and dont stay tight! A lot of fun when its not falling apart though! Have to fix about every 10 mins of play though!

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  • Wow!, (velinda KY)

    You asked for a review but I havent even received the item! I ordered in 12/11 and it hasnt moved in the tracking at all!!!! Delivery date estimate was 12/24 and today is the 27th and still no movement! CancelMy order and refund myMoney! Poor...

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  • Never got, (heathmc MS)

    Never received my product and no one know what happen to it

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  • Won't be coming, (GeorgiaPeach41 GA)

    Wanted for Christmas gift. The vendor cancelled the ordered. I will be refunded by HSN. HSN said they will not be using this vendor again. They(HSN) was very sorry for what happened.

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  • Still not arrived , (Shopper1055 SC)

    Have not received them yet. Can't give a review. Missing in action. They were suppose to be Christmas gifts

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