Hoover® FloorMate™ SpinScrub™ Hard Floor Cleaner

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  • Not worth buying , (nananita5 WA)

    It leaves puddles and doesn't vacuum up water or dirt very well. You end up with spots and streaks and still have to use a mop.I bought this to save time and steps. It's still easier just to sweep and mop old fashioned way.

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  • Easy to use, (shecrafts SD)

    Does a good job of cleaning. Happy with it.

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  • NO MORE MOPS, (GeorgiaPeach62 FL)

    Throw out your mops and get this for your floors! A must have for all your floors, if you have pets especially! I use mine on my kitchen floor every night after everything is done for the day and my floor feels and looks amazing! My hardwoods look brand new and everything just feels so much cleaner! I would recommend this to we everyone!

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  • Happy cleaner, (ATEX69 TX)

    I was looking for a machine to clean my kitchen floor which is not a smooth surface. The steamer and mop could not do a thorough job. However, the Floormates spinning brushes were able to get into the tiny crevices to clean and the strong suction pulled out the dirt. I am very happy with the outcome on our wood and tile flooring!

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  • hoover floormate, (LC7 KY)

    it washes and dry's which i find very handy. i add spray cleaner directly on the floor as well as the liquid in the machine. i am happier with the results that way

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  • Recent Purchase of Hoover FloorMate, (OliverJoseph1 NY)

    Based on reviews, I was expecting this SpinScrub machine to clean. All it did was dump water underneath the machine on the floor. Seriously? I don't know who you are paying to provide feedback on this cleaner but none of what people said or are saying is true at all!!! I am so disappointed I feel like I was ripped off.

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  • Messy and Cheap, (Domestic_Dad83 MO)

    My sister-in-law has this. She loved it. I used hers and loved it. Mine is junk. It pours water all over the floor, especially when drying. I clean it well and it usually has a fowl odor for the first 10 minutes when using the next time. The seals are loose. Over all, I am sorely disappointed and will not purchase from HSN again. For the record, my bar is super low. I am easy to please. This machine was 140 way to create more work for myself.

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  • Floor cleaner, (wheels1946 PA)

    Wors great

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  • Scratched wood floors, (racermom96 IL)

    I think this machine is awful. I used it on my hardwood. It left scratches on the floor and left it dull looking . I think it's very heavy to use and the solutions either comes out to much or not at all. I do have to say it picks up a lot of dirt but did return it. Surprised at all the good reviews. I am not a very picky person but this is a thumbs down for me. Happy they returned it

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  • Great floor cleaner, (hmd1 PA)

    This machine does a great job cleaning my textured vinyl plank floor as well as hardwood. It pulls up almost as much water as I put out. The only flaw is that the fresh water tank leaks after filling until it's installed on the machine. My daughter borrowed my first one when they got a new puppy. I told her to keep it and ordered a new one for myself. We're both VERY happy with the cleaning job it does.

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  • Dog lovers need this, (NL1702 MN)

    I bought this product because I have 4 dogs on a farm. This lightweight vacuum and floor washer works excellent on my bare floors. No more mopping with dirty water. This cleans and dries my floors without needing to sweep or vacuum first. Excellent results so far. Thank you hoover!

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  • Good product, (Janna1855 AL)

    This is a good product. It does a great job on the floors. I just thought it would be a little easier to use. It's a bit tedious. I don't use it like I thought I would.

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  • Work or Home, (Bryon-Bryan TX)

    Works great at home and in floors at my school BuildersAcademyBryon

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  • The product is great did not revive my warranty , (4522 CA)

    The product works very well very happy with the results but I did not revive my warrantyyet

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  • Great product!, (stefrusso314 NY)

    I saw a few negative reviews about the Hoover Floormate so I was a little hesitant to purchase at first. However, now that I have used it a number of times, I absolutely love it! This product definitely does what it promises. It cleans the floor beautifully, much better than a mop or steam mop and sucks up all that dirty water which is so satisfying to dump. It is not a perfect machine but it is awesome.

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