HoMedics Shiatsu Air 3.0 Foot Massager with Heat and Remote

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  • Dissatisfied , (jbanks1 TX)

    I work long days on my feet and wanted to be able to use this product to massage my feet after work. It wasnt a continuous massage like I thought it would be. Too many pauses throughout the massage time. Not what I expected so I sent it back.

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  • Love it, (Sherry1066 OH)

    Im on my feet 8 hrs a day...i can barely walk to NY car after work...i use this every night after work and every morning before work...helps a lot..only thing I wish it could do was so your ankles!

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  • Carol m, (Cici9151 IL)

    Had to returnHeat did not work

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  • Not for me, (TreesinSun FL)

    It was a bit too rough for me. I would tell my friend to try it and form their own opinion.

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  • Dallas/HSN fan, (oscarrrr TX)

    I really needed this foot massagerThe right foot setting on low was barely moving. Had to return. I made a comment the machine was defective. They still charged me for the return. I was afraid to try another unit. Maybe some new one will come out later.

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  • Not worth the money, (suesbear43 PA)

    no heat and it hurts yur feet

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  • Squeezes too tight, (chubbs24 MO)

    I just returned this item. It hurts! Even on the lowest pressure setting it hurts your toes ! Both my husband and I thought the same thing.

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    I so wanted to LOVE this product! My feet could go in fine, but it actually HURT my feet. I tried it several times, hoping I was just not doing the settings good. But it was AWFUL every time. It felt like these hard balls were just bruising the bottom of my feet. I had to return a crummy product and was charged $9.95 for trusting the product would be a joy. Learn from my misfortune. DON'T BUY!

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  • Ouch!, (dponlineshopper PA)

    This hurts grabs your small toes and the roller balls are very hard andhurt the bottom of my feet I could not walk after and did I mention how loud it is? I want to return but threw the outer box away

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  • s Improvement, (ohmeohmyo CA)

    The heat was nice. The remote was great. The shiatsu beads were too rough on the heel of the foot. It felt uncomfortable. The massage on the top of the foot was only on the front half of the foot. I wish somehow it would have massaged a little higher towards the ankles. I don't know if this was supposed to have a little vibration, but I didn't feel any. Might work for someone else, but not for me.

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  • LOVE IT!!, (Icing_onthe_cake PA)

    I was going to save this for Valentine's Day for my husband, but decided to give to him today. He loves it!! I put my tootsies in it and LOVE it too!! I found this to be oh so comfortable and relaxing. It did not hurt either of our feet. I love the heat, but my favorite part is when it squeezes my feet. I could fall asleep with this little machine working on my feet ALL night!!Thanks Homedics!! I bought the black and it's just very sleek and shiny. The perfect addition to our room decor!!

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  • Good product, (gizmo19 MN)

    It took a few times to figure out the best settings but really like this foot massager

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  • Okay, i guess, (GG122 TX)

    Returned it. It felt good at times, but concentrated on my big toes too much, and absolutely nothing on my arches where I need it most. Too expensive not to be 100% happy.

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  • Decent Massager. , (BossMom1981 FL)

    I like the massager and I am going to keep it BUT it does not get hot or even warm as it claims. It does not reach the heels of the feet which would have made it better. It is not, in my opinion as "painful" as some reviews have said. It's a bit expensive for what you get. I would not get another one.

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  • Your feet will love you, (Buddha1965__ MN)

    This product is great so very Happy i invested in this foot massage machine my feet are thanking me.

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