Herkimer Mines 7.6ctw Herkimer "Diamond" Quartz 3-Stone Ring

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  • Absolutely Gorgeous , (BostonMom77 MA)

    This ring is beautiful and well made, love it!!!!

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  • Absolutely Gorgeous Stunning Ring , (DianneRochenski NY)

    This ring is outrageously gorgeous. Brilliant sparkle. Pure white stone(s). Perfect size. Not too big , not too small. Will wear it everywhere, not just for special occasions . I'm Vegan for the animals but this is a gem that does not destroy our Earth with deep mining. I highly recommend this ring. It's a true Beauty.

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  • Clearly beautiful , (gemstone gal OR)

    Can I say WOW? This is a gorgeous ring for $69.95! Definitely worth it. The stones are so clear and faceting beautiful. My 2nd herkimer ring and I am truly becoming a fan. True fit. The band however is on the thin side for such a large stone. But "hey" I would recommend it.

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  • Rockhound, (carolfromny FL)

    The stones are so clear and beautiful. Hope I can keep it from getting cloudy like another ring I have. I wish that it came in half sizes. No complaints about my herkimers. You may have vivid dreams if you wear them to sleep.

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  • Classy and classic , (Bobbie907 CO)

    Wow!!! Truly an eye catching ring! The stones are so clear. Not sure how anyone could mistake quartz for glass or c.z. Those folks should just buy diamonds if that is what they are looking for. The setting reminds me of a famous engagement ring style by H.W. (won't mention full name,respect:) ) If you love beautiful jewelry, this is a keeper!

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  • Awesome Ring, (ChiTownStyle IL)

    This ring is AWESOME!!! I have many rings in my collection but this one is my absolute favorite by far! I love it! The stone is not too small, and not too big to be unbelievable. It looks expensive and it is extremely comfortable.

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  • Sparkle and brilliance and Joy OH MY!, (JeanneLauree FL)

    I love rings. I have rings. This one, however, really rings my bell!It is just the right size to dazzle but not so big that I cannot wear it everyday!AND, I DO!Classy and classic in every way.I have stars in my eyes and it's the reflection from my new ring!

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  • Lovely , (Ctmrdm28wv WV)

    This ring is very pretty but I returned it because it was too top heavy and was constantly moving on my finger and would end up on the inside of my hand . It is a very nice quality ring but its just not for me . I did find another herkimer ring on here that fits me perfectly:)

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  • really pretty but HUGE, (Charlie222 WA)

    This is a really pretty well made ring but it is huge. Too big to wear every day. To me it felt like it was trying to be an engagement ring and the stone was just over the top.If you love huge pieces and don't mind that then go for it.Just not my personal taste. I am still searching for the perfect DG Herkimer ring........

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  • Beautiful Gemstone!, (LeVianFan IL)

    Love the Herkimer diamond look. Only complaint is that the setting is pretty lightweight, especially if purchased at the regular price. I hope to be able to wear it for some time at least before I have to have the band repaired/replaced. Would recommend with that caveat.

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  • Looks like glass, (Terri19808 AZ)

    The quartz looked like glass. Pretty but looks like a fake/cheap CZ versus a quartz. If you like the look then you'll love it but don't mistake the "diamond" word to mean sparkle.

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  • disappointed, (MeMe777 LA)

    Looks like a piece of glass not for me returned.

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