Heidi Daus "Entrance Maker" Crystal Drop Earrings

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  • Above and beyond, (lvsquality FL)

    What jewelry maker puts gemstones on the BACK of the earrings as well as the front?!? HEIDI does! These look just as good on both sides so if youre wearing your hair up-you have the back side showing the sparkle too. They are gorgeous and not too heavy.

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  • Absolutely stunning!, (Debedout FL)

    They are huge and they are not exactly lightweight. But they are freaking gorgeous! So if you can take the weight and youre ready for a pair of fantastic earrings then these are the ones! I would recommend these to any of my girlfriends!

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  • Gorgeous!!, (barbcsr AZ)

    These are absolutely beautiful! Can't glow enough for these beauties which you will never see around anywhere. Heidi Daus is fantastic in her jewelry!!

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  • Too heavy, (Emmi1 NJ)

    I LOVED these earrings, but there are too heavy, had to returned them.

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  • Wowza!, (Darlink1300 KS)

    These are stunners! I put them on at night and the sparkle was amazing. I like that they are clips so the insertion in my ear is not dragged down because while not heavy, they are heavier than studs.

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  • Large and in charge , (DIALady VA)

    A perfect complement to the black crystal necklace since it echoes the repeat stations on the necklace. Not too heavy, but definitely, BIG.

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  • Hot hot hot, (RubyDiva AZ)

    Very beautiful design. If were a half inch short it would be perfec for me. Unfortunate I have a short neck. Im returning it and may possible buy in clip to see if moving up the ear lobe would help the length.

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  • Beautiful, (rmb4me NV)

    These are stunning! I love Heidi Daus. My pair arrived with a bent post. I tried the other earring on and it was just too heavy for me. I sent them back. This was so pretty. Please make them lighter.

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  • Gorgeous, but Painful, (OPALMARIE NY)

    I purchased both the blue and the clear. Both pair of earrings are eye-catching. Earrings are my favorite type of jewelry. These definitely top my of list. However, they come at a painful price. At most, I can last about 1-2 hrs. before pulling them off. This is coming from someone who has worn some heavy earrings in her day. I'm not a lightweight.

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  • beautiful...but, (lindalee1313 MA)

    This pair of earring by Heidi are really very pretty....but....HEAVY.I had to return them because of it. If I was able to obtain them in clip form, I would of kept them. Being pierced and that heavy, would not last an hour wearing them. Sadly this is the first piece of her collection I have ever returned.

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  • Bricks on your ears , (ADermPA FL)

    Stunning earrings in the clear. Love the Fleur de lis design and sparkle. BUT they are so heavy on that I would never wear them. Regrettable return. PLEASE consider the weight of your earrings.

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