Hampton Sun 2-pack Sunless Tanning Mist Auto-Ship®

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  • Amazing product..., (Anaya53 TX)

    This leaves no streaks and gives you a beautiful, even tan. Also purchased for a visually impaired friend who can just spray without usual repercussions. Very happy with this product. Bought it again when it came out to not run out for the summer months.

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  • More pro (s) than con(s), (luv2shop116 PA)

    Gave 5 stars for the color, I prefer to use this on my upper body, face, chest and arms, it seems I can spray it more evenly than on my legs, next time I won't hold the can so close to my legs. I use another tanning product on my legs and the color matches perfectly. Also, my face looks nicely hydrated and honestly younger looking. Glad I'm on the 2 can auto ship, great price too.

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  • Easy Peasy to Apply, No Streaking or Orange tent, (Schnauzerculler NC)

    I have this on Autoship and love this. Its Easy Peasy to apply. The smell is lite, not like those stinky other sprays, towels, lotions. Yes you can put your clothes directly on after you spray and it doesnt transfer. I do wait for mine to dry (a couple minutes). Doesnt leave a sticky residue, streak you or turn you orange either. This IS my new self tanner. Highly Recommend Hampton Sun Self Tanner

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  • Tan, (ricketyrockboy ME)

    This really works and is so easy, too!

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  • Great tan when you need it!, (Pearl0213 IN)

    Bronze goddess! This is the best spray on tan Ive ever used! I use it in my shower. The tan is amazing. Very natural. No streak. Wash your hands after applying, it will stain. Spray light mist, let dry and continue until you have the desired color. You can get as dark as you want. I love it! Im a total beach person all summer but when the season starts to fade and my tan with it, I grab my spray on! Totally recommend!

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  • Lovethis product , (KPWWW FL)

    Great product, no smell, goes on evenly, stays on skin not clothing

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  • Great Product, (Jo217 CA)

    This goes on and fades like a real tan. It doesn't get on clothing or sheets.

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  • Best Tanner I've ever used, (kaka07 NJ)

    I've tried so many tanners, this is the best I've ever used. No transfer on sheets, clothes, etc. Color is great. I'm so happy I tried it n put it on auto del'y. So glad I did.

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  • Love it!, (Henranch CO)

    This stuff works really well and is so easy to use. No streaks, no disgusting smell on the skin. no blotchy color and not orange at all. It gives me a beautiful golden tan. I love it, so happy Im on auto ship!

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  • Self tanner, (Cuddless IL)

    Love it but doesn't work well on feet.Actually non of them work well on feet

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  • Best so far but not foolproof, (SandyJudy IL)

    Was excited to try this spray Tanner and it did not disappoint! No lingering fragrance, easy to apply and gorgeous color. No dark spots at elbows and knees. Results last a long time but if you exfoliate those areas fade faster. A few issues with evenly applying the product were easily adjusted. I found results are more dramatic with this tanner than Im used to, if you are pale to fair skinned go easy the first time. It goes fast too so get it on auto ship!

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  • Spray tan, (lexi96 TX)

    Easy to use and makes a beautiful buildable tan that looks real and it smells good too

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  • Awesome , (kitty698 TX)

    This product is so easy to use. It smells wonderful. So glad I bought two.

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  • love it.., (BlackBeltShop884 RI)

    I bought several of these so i can use it all spring and summer long and into the fall... it smells great keeps my skin smooth and doesnt stain any clothes or my sheets after I spray it on and easy to use...

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  • Pleasantly surprised, (JoanLouise CA)

    I have used several brands of self tanner in the past. I've liked them, but they never did 'tan' evenly. This amazing product, so easy just quick spray, tans not only perfectly even, the color seems to last longer than previous products I've used. I'm thrilled!

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