Hairshark 2-pack 3-in-1 Volume Backcombing Brush

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  • Terrible product , (Topgun6188 PA)

    Dont waste your $

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  • Nothing special , (heidi3201 FL)

    These hair combs are ok , but not worth the $50 , I purchased them on sale , so I will keep them , you can tease Back comb your hair with a regular comb and get the same results.

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  • Meh, (Super53 GA)

    Not sure what I was thinking here. Wanted some volume on my fine hair, don't need two, but it was a better price than other retailers. I want to make it very clear to other fine-haired ladies: This WILL show, and will make your hair look like some frothy cotton candy like your aunt Martha wore in the 1960's. You need more hair to make this work and I'm sorry I fell for it. Use a good shampoo and products and embrace your flatness as I have...the bouffant look went out decades ago.

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  • Not good , (Patchy1 IL)

    This does not work well. Dont waste money.

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  • Brush , (Anonymous NE)

    Doesnt work as well as I expected

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  • Not for me, (Wookee HI)

    I have blond, coarse, wavy, thick hair. Thought I'd add a bit of height using the hairshark. It just didn't work for my style. I'll stick to my natural waves.

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  • did nothing for my hair!, (radarrbn FL)

    feel for the hype on the show...does nothing but tangle my hair. they must of had tons of product in their hair to make it do that!! cost too much to send back for the price

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  • Not so much, (cobrajet AZ)

    Have a back comb Ive had for 38 yrs that works.. keeping it. This one not great..

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  • Not great, (bklynshopper NY)

    Regular teasing comb does more! Really disappointed for $30.00. Ive been very disappointed with a lot of my purchases lately, what is going on at HSN.

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