Hairshark 2-pack 3-in-1 Volume Backcombing Brush

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  • Just ok, (cassie- TX)

    Just ok. Over priced for what it does. Any comb or brush will do the same.

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  • Waste of time and money, (psnn MI)

    I was excited to get these hoping to finally be able to plump my thick baby fine hair up, but it didn't work, I tried several times, but no results watched the video over still no results, my regular hairbrush worked better, what a waste of money sent back for refund.

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  • What is this supposed to do??, (vsw-whitehouse OH)

    I have very fine, very thin hair. This item doesn't do a single thing for me. It just plain doesn't work. The demos on tv were with people who have nice thick hair. This goes back immediately.

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  • Not worth it., (iris1255 AZ)

    Lots of hype, little payoff.

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  • Disappointed, (Steelers0159 TX)

    I really thought I would love the Hairshark. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. It doesnt even work as well as my regular hair brush for teasing. I get very little height and volume, and what I do get does not last. I cannot recommend this product.

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  • No, (Mona534 KS)

    I did not like them.

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  • Unhappy , (Patti181 NV)

    Was excited when I ordered, unfortunately, it is NOT for short hair too as stated in presentation. The combs were a lot heavier and big too. I can see people with long hair having success. I would have rated item with zero stars, if it had been offered.

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  • Volume? , (Cali18 CA)

    This brush gives volume only for a short time. The volume does not stay and the combing side doesn't run thru the hair smoothly. The original brush with product worked so much better. Waste of money. Had to return it

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  • Dont waste your money!, (yuppygirl2 FL)

    I watched the presentation and thought it was a good product but it didnt work for me so Im sending it back.

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  • Nope, (CaliforniaGold NV)

    Always more hype than anything else. Oh yes when Amy tried it on her hair you could tell she mustve had a whole can of hairspray in it. Not good for fine hair and tired of sending things back. HSN needs to go back to how they used to be before joining with QVC.

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  • Hair Shark Brush, (LACEYLEE UT)

    Sent it back didn't work well for me.

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  • Not for me, (Doshe8 CA)

    The ladies said they had no product in their hair during the show (kind of did not believe) so I ordered it as I usually do not use product, the brush did not do anything to my hair except make it fall out more than it does already. I had to return. Probably works for people with much more hair than I have.

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  • not good product, (Artie173 TN)

    This does not work on fine hair. Waste of money

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  • DISAPPOINTED, AGAIN...sigh, (dodee2 AZ)

    Hairshark is way over priced. It looks nice & was packaged nicely. It DOES NOT work well on fine hair. I haven't tried it on my wigs, yet, but I wanted it mainly for my own hair. I wish I would stop listening to the incredible hype companies & the HSN hosts give on products. Jo, the inventor, must have coarser hair, for it to work as easily for her, as it showed on the presentation. It's a hassle to return things & I end up paying for shipping, so will keep this pricey pink brush for wigs.

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  • Not Useful, (HONOR CA)

    One more tool I did not need. My regular brush did the same with no damage. Very expensive as well with no outstanding results as advertised.

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