Hairshark 2-pack 3-in-1 Volume Backcombing Brush

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  • Works for me, (Nevadashopper NV)

    For me, the bristles are no more effective than other teasing brushes I have. However, the shark teeth do a great job of smoothing the hair. The weight and length of the brush make it substantial and very easy to use.

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  • Hairshark 3-in-1 , (Klrn5 TX)

    I love this product.I have quite thick, coarse hair, 1-2 slight back combs and the deal is done.No rat nesting look.Not sure the other surface is that effective, but for me not necessary.

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  • Great!!!, (DrWatson FL)

    I have thinning hair due to age. This is great for volumizing, but the best part for me is how easy it is to cover the sparseness on the back of my head. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is that the styling side, used for smoothing down hair after using the volumizing side, doesn't really work. I still highly recommend this for thin/thinning/sparse hair.

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  • Spotty in Success in Using, (Nancy37 CA)

    I really thought the Hairshark would poof my hair. Not quite. It only temporarily adds volume to my hair.

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  • Hairshark, (romeo14 NY)

    I like this, I guess, find a little hard to handle, and I can't seem to be able to use the brush out side. I end up using a regular hair brush, after doing the tease first.

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  • Volume brush, (belle7325 PA)

    I bought this for my daughter and I and when show host Amy used it on air worked like a charm I have tried it 3 times cant get ,that volume that they show on tv and what product should do sorry I waisted my money

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  • "eh"..., (gramma-gertie WA)

    It does the job of good old back combing, but the rat tail comb of old does it best

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  • Did not like, (luckylamm NC)

    This is not any better than the comb I use at home. It is especially not worth the money. And to have to get two of them when I would only use one... I sent them back after trying out for a week.

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  • not special, (shikki7 NY)

    Overpriced hair brush!! totally ridiculous. I gave three stars for the idea

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  • Not sure about this one., (Joyful12 AZ)

    I'm a fan of using tools to volumize hair but I'm not sure that this is the one for me. I use the little combs from the beauty supply store and get great results and I'm trying to work with this brush to see if it's any better. Not sure that it is.

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  • Terrible product , (Topgun6188 PA)

    Dont waste your $

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  • Nothing special , (heidi3201 FL)

    These hair combs are ok , but not worth the $50 , I purchased them on sale , so I will keep them , you can tease Back comb your hair with a regular comb and get the same results.

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  • Meh, (Super53 GA)

    Not sure what I was thinking here. Wanted some volume on my fine hair, don't need two, but it was a better price than other retailers. I want to make it very clear to other fine-haired ladies: This WILL show, and will make your hair look like some frothy cotton candy like your aunt Martha wore in the 1960's. You need more hair to make this work and I'm sorry I fell for it. Use a good shampoo and products and embrace your flatness as I have...the bouffant look went out decades ago.

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  • Not good , (Patchy1 IL)

    This does not work well. Dont waste money.

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  • Brush , (Anonymous NE)

    Doesnt work as well as I expected

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