Hairshark 2-pack 3-in-1 Volume Backcombing Brush

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  • Great, (BearPaw19 TX)

    Nice product for adding lift to your hair. Very easy to use.

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  • Works great!, (Snshpoc2233po490 MA)

    Got it today and tried it out and I really like it. It really does work and its easy to use.

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  • Quality, Fun to Use Volumizing Brush, (craftydebbie3 CO)

    Love this! My hair is thick, but very fine and straight. Ive had perms in my hair for many many years. I just dont like the straight flat look. I thought it would be too good to be true for this yo work on my hair, but I was wrong. I air dry my hair, and now I look forward to adding volume to it. Its so easy and fun to use. Id buy another one, but this is so well made I think it will last for a long time! So glad I took a chance and bought it! Thank you HSN for another great product!

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  • Great Tool, (txpathdoc TX)

    I have had this for a month. LOVE it!! The pointed end parts the hair, the brush teases, and the white shark tooth part smooths the top of the teased hair WITHOUT flattening the poof you just added. This adds a LOT more volume than teasing with a rat tail comb or similar type brush I have, especially on my fine thin hair. Feels great in the hand and appear to be a high quality item. IMO this is worth the hype as it is a great improvement over other styling tools I have used for 50+ years.

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  • Brush, (Emma1232 FL)

    This brush helps to lift hair makes hair look thicker after teasing. Doesnt tangle hair just gives it a life love it!

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  • Works, (shopr OK)

    This is great for revolutionizing Hair

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  • Overwhelmed , (cherylLenora LA)

    Have had thinning hair for years now. Even had a hair transplant 5 years ago which did improve the volume of my hair. However, my hair is thin & limp. This brush helps me to style my hair much quicker and I would highly recommend it.

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  • Great Volume, (fan2000 TX)

    I purchased other brushed like this before but by far this brush does why they said it would do. Easy to use and great design.

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  • Love this backcombing brush, (MakeupJunkie52 TX)

    It is very easy to use and there is a little bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it works great on thin hair. I am going to purchase again for a backup.

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  • Amy knows a good thing, (JudyInLA CA)

    Amy Morrison always has great hair. When she demonstrated how easy this brush makes it to tease a little height in to your hairstyle, I had to try it. First, the brush is made with quality materials - the dark bristles are natural hair. Even the plastic on the body of the brush has a good feel to it. A little weighted, and a smooth, feel good finish. Best of all - it works, and is easy to use.

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  • Hair raising - yes!, (moboyd IL)

    No tease here - the real thing! Works just great. I have thinning hair and this really gave my lift and texture. I am able to use less product!Thank you!

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  • Wonderful , (briddy59 WI)

    Great tool

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  • Works!, (Eyesonjesus OR)

    I have other teasing brushes and combs.... thre kind you would find in the hair section at your local store. They work, but this gives amazing lift. I had someone at work compliment my hair, saying it looked like it had some lift.... apparently a slightly different look than usual. Happy with purchase.

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  • I like it !, (marty676 PA)

    Back combing with this brush does not cause any hair loss or damage what so ever! It does give you height and the appearance of extra volume! I have a callick in the back of my scalp that always looks bald and this brush fixes that problem!

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  • Tease me, (tbones AK)

    This actually is an awesome TEASING brush that works to serve its purpose. Its actually pretty simple brush with an amazing amount of teasing bristles! Keeper!!!

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