Hairshark 2-pack 3-in-1 Volume Backcombing Brush

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  • good idea, (nana2343 NV)

    I have super short fine hair sort of works but it would be better results with longer is well made and I do use it a litle

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  • Higher the hair, (ChannyRose AL)

    I have not gone all out however I have used it and I like it. It does better than a comb.

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  • I love these brushes., (DesertKe TX)

    I am such a fan of these brushes. They do what they say they will do. The black and white side fluffs up the hair, and the white side smooths it out. I use my on wigs. And, they work wonders. If they are on sale any time soon, I will buy on more pack for my own hair. I highly recommend.

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  • Finally Found The One, (2GreenEyes7 NY)

    These teasing brushes are the best ever! I'm able to get the lift at my crown that I always wanted and easily. The comb side smooths beautifully. It works just as described.

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  • Great for a curly lift, (2ndlorianngarcia CA)

    Love Tool-curly natural colored treat hair. So always conditioning; must always be very careful when teasing for volume. I tried this tool last night for a holiday party. This tool gave me volume without the crazy mess. I worked into the root of my curly hair and easy tease in the middle and ends. Hair was perfectly lifted. This morning I sprayed WEN replenish spray and with picked out with no tangles. I have thick shoulder length curly layered hair.

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  • It really really works!!!!!!, (Lizz12 PA)

    I was sure I was going to have to return them. I have very fine hair. No body. Flat on my head. I have an issue raising my arms over my head. This actually works. It is easy to use. Made my hair looks likes I had it done at the salon I gave the extra one to a friend who had the same results. IT WORKS!!!!!!

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  • This one is the best!!, (Carrots273 WA)

    I have thick hair and I have tried many different backcombs and this one works the best on my hair. It backcombs without snarling the hair and brushes out easily.

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  • It Works, (lovenyc NC)

    This is a great brush, takes a couple of times to get used to it, but it works. You don't have to tease so much to get volume!

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  • Hairshark, (patricia627 CT)

    I absolutely love this item I get volume I never thought I could Thank you for this wonderful product PB

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  • Voluminous , (Roberta-in-Cali CA)

    Love not having a flat top ,easy to use and smooth out makes styling effortless and holds up. I highly recommend this product.

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  • Excellent Product, (ITA3 FL)

    It gives a lot of volume to your hair and your hair stays perfect of hours.the product is fantastic.

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  • Excellent volume brush!, (ZsaZsaAdele MI)

    This brush gave my fine straight flat hair lift and volume that lasted after sleeping! You don't have to tease too much so you don't tangle or break hair. I really like it and gave one to my sister who is struggling with her hair falling out... so this helped her cover bare spots without damage. I don't care for the smoothing side of brush b/c it's awkward but doesn't detract how awesome this brush works. I also like how the handle is designed to part hair sections which is very helpful!

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  • Good little brush/comb! Adds nice volume!, (Valencia402 NC)

    Good to have something low tech for hair! Ive never been one for teasing hair, but with the Hairshark its very easy. And then use the other side for smoothing over the teasing. Looks very good and not overly teased. Great to use as just a comb too. I really like this for my hair!

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  • Great Brush, (Dezie59 IL)

    I love this brush. It is easy to handle and really gives great volume to your hair.

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  • Hairshark 2pk Voluming Backcomb Brush, (LuvToShop36 NV)

    Works great love it!

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