Gourmet Kitchen (12) 4 oz. AuGratins

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  • Delicious , (yahtas NY)

    The family absolutely loved them. The flavor and texture make this a delightful veggie side.

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  • Yummy Cauliflower Au Gratin, (GrandmaCindy123 FL)

    I decided to try these since calories and carbs are in my range for foods. They are absolutely delicious. So glad I tried them!

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  • Cauliflower HeVen, (CustomerD NY)

    I love these Cauliflower AuGratins just as much as the Potato AuGratins. These are delicious and super simple to make. I will definitely buy these again, too!

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  • Delicious, (marthajane RI)

    After reading these reviews I don't understand the negative ones. I thought they were very tasty I had them as a side. I would order these again. You will not be disappointed!

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  • Do good , (phylud CA)

    Easy to fix in oven and are delicious will be ordering more of these !!

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  • Nice to have a low carb option, (METFAN CO)

    I made these in the air fryer and they got really crispy on the edges. Really enjoyed them and it was a nice alternative to potatoes.

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  • Sooooo Yummy!!, (diamondkmax2 FL)

    OMG!! I am so glad I got these on AutoDelivery. They are so good. I have already ordered these 2 more times aside from the AutoDelivery cause they are so good. My husband loves these too. I fix one of the cauliflower with this & its a meal. PLEASE DONT stop these.

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  • Cauliflower Zinger, (Peppermint725 CT)

    This food product was amazing! Delicious, easy to prepare and delightful side dish. Family loved them. Definitely going to get again and again.

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  • Fantastic & A New Staple , (DM2TC NY)

    So good! Prepare as a side-dish or use as the foundation of an entree or soup. Very tasty and versatile. So glad I opted for auto shop.

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  • perfect meal, (lovestoshop73785 VT)

    The taste and freshness are spot-on!! I do not eat meat,,Love veggies..These I eat as a full meal most of the time I eat 2 and trust me I/you will be full.The cauliflower is so sweet. I just now ordered another delivery of this scrumptous delicacy..I rate this item a perfect 10!! Enjoy the Feast...

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  • Simply Delicious, (badgergirl WI)

    So glad I ordered these cauliflower Au Gratins!! Easy to make and the flavor is spot on, like the fact that there is large pieces of cauliflower!! great for a side dish or light lunch with a salad.

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  • Disappointed in the ingredients, flavor & value, (MizSarainSF CA)

    I was excited to try the cauliflower option but was disappointed. For how pricey they are, the portions are tiny, lacking in flavor, ingredients are substandard (lots of chemical additives & not even organic cauliflower.) The top burned before the frozen center of the item was was thoroughly cooked. Think burned top with cold center. I followed the baking instructions to the letter and attempted to bake in the oven as well as in an airfryer. Both attempts were unsuccessful. Do not recommend.

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  • Threw away, (flygirl64 FL)

    Product arrived so thawed out the sauce oozed out of the styrofoam container which smelled and was slimy to handle. The UPS driver and I had to was everything it came in contact with including us. Dont know if it sat in a UPS facility over the weekend but this shippers should make sure product arrives only on weekdays. Money down the drain!

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  • Terrible product!, (ronross IL)

    Went in the garbage very tasteless watery and not at all cooks as pictured

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  • gourmet kitchen cauliflower augratins, (mesadecember AZ)

    These are so awful! Don't order! I could not eat any.

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