GoFit Neoprene Waist Away Waist Trimmer

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  • EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED, (dragonfly55 TN)

    Fit is slightly big, but able to wrap enough for product to initiate perspiration at waist/lower waist line. Fits well under work out clothes and offers abd/lower back support when lifting weights.

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  • Satisfied, (Hope74 KS)

    Does what it claims.

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  • Like it, (modest1 DE)

    Worn the trimmer several and works well. Thank you

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  • Nice to workout , (ingeniero MD)

    I buy it for my wife and she love it

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  • I love it, (Erricka125 IN)

    Its a must have. It fit comfortable. I love it. I wear it all day

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  • This workis..., (DLL54 MI)

    As you exercise or do house work this little band really helps. It has helped trim and shape about two inches in two weeks. Which is not bad. I have lost a bunch of weight and needed something to help with the trimming and toning process and this works. Wish the made something to put on your thights. Anyway with exercise it is a help in your get healthy work.

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  • It works.. but, (BootCrazy TX)

    It doesn't last long you have to wrap it tight then it stretches out and starts falling apart. I'm on my second one

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  • Sweat, (sweetness58 CO)

    I've been wearing this belt for a week. Nice sweat, so it's doing its job.

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  • AWESOME, (Tweedee MA)

    I love this go fit waist away trimmer it definitely makes you sweat more.

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  • You will sweat, (SugarSugar77 DE)

    I don't wear this all day, only while working out. Even a 20 minute walk on the treadmill will have you sweating more if you're wearing this. Hopefully I'll see some results soon.

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  • Will make you sweat, (Nana2001 TN)

    Makes you sweat but have difficulty getting it on just right

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  • really sweats you, (candyeyes PA)

    i just received this not that long ago and i can say you really do sweat in this, now if there is a difference in my stomach area yet i cant say there is..its to soon.. i do love wearing it and when i do i feel comfortable wearing it..when you sweat in it its not like you become a wet rag you will see it when you remove it. i do recommend others give it a go, cant hurt anything.

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  • Good, (cine60 PA)

    However, I have sensitive skin and after using the first time, in which it did make me sweat, alot, when I removed it, it irritated my skin. If you have an allergy to certain materials, put another type of fabric between your skin and the belt. I tried it that way and it worked out fine. All in all, the product does work.

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  • Feels great, (luvu41762 TN)

    I've only used it once but I love the support. I was afraid it would be to tight but it fit perfectly. Plenty of room and stretch. I hope it does help shrink my tummy. I'm waiting for my exercise chair to come so I can use both together. I love HSN. I want my job back.

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  • O.k, (camaro1 NE)

    This product did as they said made me sweat, but had to give it a three Did not help to lose weight, just water. But will keep it.

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