Glutathione 250

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  • Horrible Side Effects, (WindyCity719 IL)

    Love Andrew's vitamins, I have taken them for years and too many products to list. However, this one, my body rejects. I experienced heart palpitations, dizziness, chest pain/heart burn and headaches. Happy for those who can take these, but for me, back they go.

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  • Can't get past the odor!, (sheesh49 MA)

    I usually love Andrew's products, but the odor is so foul that I simply cannot take them. I'm returning.....

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  • Odd side effect, (DEBTX NJ)

    I hate to be the outlier, however, I developed a daily nose bleed from taking a single capsule daily. At first I didn't connect the two. After some research ( it appears this can be a side effect (though rare). It's a shame because it appears to have many benefits.

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  • Strong Odor, (Moonwoman WA)

    I just received Glutathione so I cannot speak to the efficacy yet. However, just a warning. This product smells awful. It is so bad that I called the ProCaps 800 number and asked if this is expected or is this was a bad batch. Was told it is normal for this product. Andrew please speak to this when presenting the product to assure us that it is a pungent product. If you did speak to this and I missed it , my apologies. 3 stars due to smell - remember I haven't actually taken it yet.

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  • Wasnt for me, (BRANDYBOO TX)

    I was looking forward to it helping my liver. I took it for 3 weeks and I started early on having heart palpitations. Just remember this happened to me and it doesnt mean it will happen to you.

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