Glutathione 250

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  • Makes me feel great!, (weregoingplacez CA)

    Ive been taking this for a couple of weeks now, along with a lot of other Andrew Lessman supplements that Ive taken for a long time, and I have really noticed a difference in my energy levels from taking this glutathione. Its hard to explain, but I just feel an overall sense of well-being and focus. So glad I got this and it will be a permanent addition to my daily vitamin regime. Thanks Andrew!

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  • 2nd bottle ordered had odd smell, (cynthiaz AZ)

    This is my 2nd order of this product and I LOVED the 1st bottle. This recent order however had a VERY odd smell to it that wasn't present in the 1st bottle I ordered and I am returning it.

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  • Glutathione 250, (Valentina19 MN)

    I liked all Andrew Lessman's products. I ordered more than 20 different ones only this year. Andrew Lessman is a dedicated scientist and a knowledgeable researcher who cares about people. I wish I would have him as my biochemistry teacher in my medical school.I was looking forward to buy this product, but it was pricy and I was waiting for a sale.When Glutathione 250 arrived, I opened a bottle and a strong stinking smell almost knocked me out.Have to return this bottle back, unfortunately.

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  • Glutathione/ strong gaseous odor, (yabadabadoo2 CA)

    Although I have received this product/ pkg in mid July, I only decided to use it yesterday, 7/25/21. I was wandering, as soon as I pulled off the top paper cover that seals it, there was a very strong stench, cant describe well but I have never experienced such in all other products (vitamins) of Andrew Lessman, twas more of a gaseous /chemical odor. Just this morning, I tried to open the container to smell hoping its gone but it still has a very strong chemical/ gas odor. Pls check, ty.

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    I do not understand why this Glutathione 250 mg. emits enormous amount of foul odor. At the bottom of my Glutathione bottle, it says "Best By May 30, 2023." Well, I have written my comment about your Glutatione 250 mg on July 26, 2021. Andrew, can you please explain why your Glutathione 250 mg emits such an odor? Please have your verbal response appear in the website for your Glutathione presentation so that I can check for your response at my convenience. Thanks!

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  • terrific, (mare853 NJ)

    Oh, do I ever need this. If I forgot to take it, my body lets me know. Mary

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  • Grateful for Andrew, (7lucky7 AZ)

    I know Andrew cant make medical claims, but I take other supplements he makes and trust his process. I tried this because I suffer from severe anxiety and migraines and I read it could help. I havent taken it long enough to comment on the migraines but it has drastically reduced anxiety. I didnt expect to see any difference. Im a natural sceptic, but I feel so much better taking this, its incredible! Hopefully it helps with the migraines also, but Im grateful for the improvement so far!

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  • pay attention , (cubacub FL)

    I could not wait to get this supplement I love all Andrew supplement. This came in I opened it up I took one two days straight I was so dizzy and nauseated I could not walk by myself. Yesterday I was horrible today I'm much better but not quite myself. I ordered two of the largest bottles and they both are going back. Andrew I think this one needs to be looked at more closely.

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  • Can't get past the odor!, (sheesh49 MA)

    I usually love Andrew's products, but the odor is so foul that I simply cannot take them. I'm returning.....

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  • DISAPPOINTED!, (Dawnah MA)

    Warning! Andrew's vitamins/supp. should NOT be put in pill boxes. They change color and fall apart. (90% OF THEM) For some reason the calcium does not. I called the company and they told me they have to stay in the bottle they come in. If your home is humid and/or warm they disintegrate and change color.

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  • Odd side effect, (DEBTX NJ)

    I hate to be the outlier, however, I developed a daily nose bleed from taking a single capsule daily. At first I didn't connect the two. After some research ( it appears this can be a side effect (though rare). It's a shame because it appears to have many benefits.

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  • So far , so good , (peletonmom CA)

    I have been taking this supplement for about 2 weeks and so far I havent seen anything that great but I will keep taking it to see if it really helps . Waiting for it to go on sale again because just to see if it will work its actually really expensive at regular price . If youre looking to get lots of energy this is not it , I feel just as tired and bored as before

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  • Strong Odor, (Moonwoman WA)

    I just received Glutathione so I cannot speak to the efficacy yet. However, just a warning. This product smells awful. It is so bad that I called the ProCaps 800 number and asked if this is expected or is this was a bad batch. Was told it is normal for this product. Andrew please speak to this when presenting the product to assure us that it is a pungent product. If you did speak to this and I missed it , my apologies. 3 stars due to smell - remember I haven't actually taken it yet.

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  • Two words, (SouthernPride6 TX)

    Two words; Absolutely perfect

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  • Wasnt for me, (BRANDYBOO TX)

    I was looking forward to it helping my liver. I took it for 3 weeks and I started early on having heart palpitations. Just remember this happened to me and it doesnt mean it will happen to you.

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