Ginkgo Biloba-120

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  • Not for me, (grdnbear CA)

    Did not seem effective.

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  • garbage, (hearts95 NY)

    it was a waste of money did nothing keep your money

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  • Seems to be helping with hand issue, (MysticalSpirit IL)

    Learned that the numbing and discoloration of my fingers in cold environment is Raynauds Syndrome. Read an online article that mentioned some people experienced relief by taking Ginkgo Biloba. Have taken Andrew Lessman's supplements in the past. Wanted a quality product and decided to give his Ginkgo a try. The number of Raynaud's episodes I experienced seemed to be greatly diminished. So much so that I plan to continue to order and use AL's Ginkgo.

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  • Great vitamins, (PANRIK NY)

    This is my first review ever. This product is great as are all of his vitamins. I must use about 20 of them and am 73 and feel fantastic! I recommend them to all my friends family. Keep up the good work

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  • Never be without this one, (Sandy915 LA)

    I read Grammy2015Tx comments she wrote that it helped her with vertigo which I was rec dx. I ordered it ASAP n start taking same day it came and wooow what a diff in about 3 days. Thk u AL for awesome product thks Grammy2015Tx for writing the comment. I am ALL better,

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  • Very Good, (Ziakatz OK)

    It really helps your memory. I've used this for years. Highly recommend it.

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  • Ok but not great , (Pjewel63 TX)

    I do not care for this particular product but all the others I have used from Andrew Lessman are great

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  • Good product , (wezee102 AZ)

    Been taking for three weeks...once a day. I seem to be sleeping better and I do feel my memory is better. Will stay on this product along with multiple other Andrew products forever...

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  • Gingko Biloba -120, (Grammy2015 TX)

    I love this product! This is my fourth purchase of Gongko Biloba. I have suffered with vertigo for the last couple of years and I read in a magazine about 240 mg of Ginglo Biloba helped with vertigo. So I thought I would give it a try. I am so very glad I did! Every since taken Gingk Biloba I haven't had anymore issues with vertigo. I have recommended this product to others that have had vertigo issues as well. Thank you for a wonderful product.

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  • helps the brain amazing, (mina28 NY)

    i got this for my brother in law who after a stroke is having problem with memory and focus . he is slowly seeing results i just order another bottle. i feel this is a good product thanks andrew

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  • better than store bought, (dancinqueen2 OH)

    In my job i have to repeat and remember some things like numbers.After using andrew lessman ginko remember a lot better without going back and forth thanks no more store bought for me

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  • Helps keep my memory sharp & me Focused. , (trey79nc NC)

    I'm a 'Career Food Service Employee' since I was 14 years old & just shy of 40 years old now. Taking this among other memory helping Suppliments of yours has dramatically improved my memory retention! I try to stock up on All your Products so I don't run out! I've even had co-workers ask "What have you been doing different to keep so focused?" I exclaim, "I take Andrew Lessman Products! They have helped me more than I could have imagined!"

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  • Another winner, (GlorLanz FL)

    Andrew's products are the best. I highly recommend everything he makes

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  • A MUST have, (gloryb5465 CA)

    My husband can't function without these. Thanks Andrew!

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  • Ginkgo Capsules, (tbaby6 AZ)

    This is my 2nd order. I luv them.

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