Gems by Michael Sterling Silver Octagonal Gemstone & White Topaz Ring

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  • Color, (Lindy451 CA)

    The price was amazing but the color of the emerald was not.

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  • Outstanding, (JerseyJane NC)

    I purchased the emerald ring. I was hesitant, but decided to try it. I was amazed at how much I loved the ring. It is a perfect size, looks wonderful and I only wish I saw this before the ruby and sapphire sold out because I would love to have all three.

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  • Very Deep Blue Sapphire, (Jaybee123 MD)

    I like this ring very much. Color of gem is a very deep blue- almost inky in the light it shows blue.

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  • Gorgeous , (HeyJean IN)

    This ring is a stand out. I love the intricate gold work around the dark blue stone. The contrast is eye catching. I love it.

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  • Ruby went home, (KATZPAW3 AZ)

    I thought this looked substantial, but it turns out to be somewhat of a pinky ring, instead of a normal finger ring. I have returned this. Frankly, I am shocked that Michael would put something out that is so small. He is the go big or go home guy! What happened!?

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  • Disappointing, (lovemyjewelry NM)

    I ordered this ring in the sapphire. I wore it one day and sent it back the next. At this price I didn't expect a flawless stone however it should have at least been polished smooth. It was not. One side had striation marks along the whole side of the stone. I didn't like the white topaz surrounding the stone. The topaz did not sparkle at all. It made the ring looked gaudy and cheap. Very disappointing.

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  • Blaurie, (blaurie CA)

    This emerald ring is a beauty. Vivid green emerald surrounded with white topaz which makes it stunning.

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  • Stunning, (PhinxMinx SC)

    Absolutely gorgeous ring of of noticeable, significant size. Of course the stone is opaque at this price. However it is great because the ruby one is actually red ... it is not pink or purpleish it is ox blood red. The zicons are large enough to be noticeably beautiful as well (not chips but nicely cut stones). A wonderful design. Classic and tasteful, looks like Garrard. Love it!!!

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